Question: what will become of Ivelisse Velez after her failed TNA Gut Check?

ivelisseShe’s a good wrestler, she’s improved immensely since her appearance on Tough Enough, she can legit fight, she beat her opponent in the Gut Check tryout, and yet TNA don’t fancy taking a chance on her.

What will Ivelisse Velez do next?

The segment where the three fabled TNA judges chose the rookie Lei’D Tapa over Velez was simply odd. Tapa has a great look and lots of potential but she also seems to be very raw – I believe she said she’d been wrestling for two years. No matter how much Al Snow witters on about “lineage” (she’s the niece of the Barbarian), Tapa isn’t going to be your new Awesome Kong (certainly not yet, and possibly not ever).

Velez was notably the better wrestler and the more popular of the two – the crowd’s heckles at Tapa wasn’t the reaction of wrestling fans to a heel, it was the reaction of people who simply don’t want to see a particular performer.

I can only imagine that TNA have other plans for Velez (such as learning to spell her name properly, as per the image above). Maybe she could be an Ace and Eight seeing as everyone else seems to be.

Failing that, as the Divas division dwindles even further, WWE should perhaps contemplate re-signing her and letting her and Paige revitalise women’s wrestling in their company.


3 Responses to Question: what will become of Ivelisse Velez after her failed TNA Gut Check?

  1. Matt says:

    I still think it was a bad move on WWE’s part letting her go – but how often do they really made good decisions in the Diva department?…

    • Carrie says:

      It’s a fair point. Just that the Divas’ division is looking more threadbare than ever these days. I’m hoping for Paige to make a breakthrough, but what will they do with her once she’s there?

  2. Mike says:

    Ivelisse would be an amazing division to either the Knockouts division OR the Divas division. She’s already built up quite the following with her Indy work, NXT and Tough Enough appearences.

    It won’t be long before one of these two offers her a permanent contract, and whoever leaves it the longest is REALLY going to miss out on a top talent!

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