Question: are the Bella Twins what the WWE Divas’ Division needs?

When I said the Divas’ Division needed some additions, this was NOT exactly what I meant.


Yes, the Bella Twins are back, and they are being petted by Damien Sandow (though not by Cody Rhodes).

It’s intriguing that they’ve been gone for a year without anyone really missing them, and then they rock up again all of a sudden after those relatively adorable festive photos with their respective beloveds Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Yes, the Divas certainly need some heels to pit opposite novice champion Kaitlyn – but these two? Seriously? They might not be as bad as some of the female talent the division has had previously, but that doesn’t make them good; and their acting and line remembering is even worse.

What’s more, they can’t even do Twin Magic any more, because one has huge new breasts and the other one doesn’t.

**all hopes forever pinned on Paige**


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