Fact: the Road to Wrestlemania is not interesting to watch on NXT

paigeYou already know how much I love NXT. Here’s a list of things (by no means comprehensive) I enjoy seeing on it:

1) Paige killing bitches by kicking them in the head
2) Big E Langston killing bitches and pinning them for five
3) Adrian Neville being amazing
4) The one true Ascension
5) A plethora of magnificent beards
6) Emma’s dancing
7) Kassius Ohno speaking truth to William Regal

Here’s a list of things I don’t mind seeing from time to time because they make storyline sense but should by no means be regular fixtures:

1) Ricardo Rodriguez as Ricardo Rodriguez
2) Antonio Cesaro
3) Damien Sandow
4) The Shield

And here’s a list of things I never want to see on NXT because if I wanted to watch it I’d be watching RAW or Smackdown:

1) John Cena
2) Alberto Del Rio
3) Randy Orton

Unfortunately all three of that last list showed up this week to attempt to hype up next weekend’s Wrestlemania a little more, and it made for a very odd show. NXT doesn’t strictly exist in the same universe as WWE – it can’t because it’s filmed in advance and the timing of storylines never matches up. NXT is supposed to be showcasing the new generation of talent; it’s not there to stuff full of your main show Superstars in an attempt to drum up interest in what’s a very uninspiring showpiece event.

In short, go home, WWE main roster Superstars – you are drunk.


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