Interview: Diogo Pacheco, creator of Chibi Wrestlers

Diogo Pacheco’s work came to my attention a couple of years ago thanks to Twitter. Since then his gallery has developed – and WWE stars have been enjoying his art as well.

Look, it even makes CM Punk smile!

CM Punk Surprise Chibi Photo

“I remember first watching wrestling when I was little in a show airing during the weekends in the morning called ‘WWF Superstars’,” Pacheco says. “But then there was a huge gap in wrestling content on the Portuguese TV, so only many many years later, around the time of WrestleMania 21, is when I re-attached with wrestling again.

“The artwork came a few months later, after making my first experiences with the Chibis in 2005 I decided to make a Chibi Triple H and I since I received such a nice positive feedback I decided to make more. I combined the two because I started sharing my works online in the Portuguese wrestling blogs and the fanbase really started growing, which opened lots of doors for me. Because of my works I had the pleasure of being invited to start making translations for the WWE programming here in Portugal, subtitling lots of ECW, SmackDown and Raw shows for TV.”

Kane and Daniel Bryan Chibi Wallpaper

With a portfolio that big, you’d think it would be tough to pick out favourite pieces of work – but no.

“One of my favourite animations is for sure the Kindergarten one, not only because it was the one that I received more feedback from, but also because it had my first wave of special guests doing the voice-overs, radio personalities from Portugal.

“And of course, I’m very proud of all the other works that got recognized, specially that AJ Chibi Wallpaper that got to be in the hands of Punk and AJ herself!”

AJ Lee Surprise Chibi Photo

He also does art outside the wrestling frame of reference. “I think my most unusual commissions are the ones that I will always be special to me simply because they are not wrestling related. Throughout the years of my works being shared I had the pleasure to be interviewed live in a Portuguese TV Show, getting hired to do a weekly Chibis animation featuring the hosts, working on a TV spot, working for a magazine and even taking care of building up a wedding reception – all with Chibis.”

So what next for the Chibi Wrestlers? “I think I’ve drawn pretty much every main wrestling Superstar and Legend there is, but I continue to receive requests for shirts so I guess I have to start working on more TNA iMPACT Wrestling talent – and who knows what will happen from there?”

You can check out Diogo’s gallery and order t-shirts at his store.


One Response to Interview: Diogo Pacheco, creator of Chibi Wrestlers

  1. Mike says:

    I love the sense of humour in the chibis, great stuff!

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