Fact: The Bhangra Knights are running a tag-team training seminar

bk1Any wannabe tag-team wrestlers should get down to IPW:UK on Sunday, where the Bhangra Knights will be leading an in-ring seminar.

It’s billed as “for anyone wishing to become better versed in the details of tag team work, and learning how to better apply tag psychology to matches” – so it’s not for beginners.

“You need to have a very basic level of experience: being able to bump, run the ropes and know some basic holds,” says RJ Singh, one half of the Knights. “Tag-team experience isn’t needed as we will be covering all the basics of that too.”

Being a tag team isn’t as simple as throwing two decent singles wrestlers together.

“It really is about the chemistry,” says Singh. “Sometimes it works – look at our own Hart and Bulldog; even though they were brothers in law, they had that special something that made them a great team. You can stick two random guys together but it won’t make them a coherent team.”

And what do the Knights get out of this? As one of the best tag teams in the country, surely they’ll be cutting their own throats by encouraging new talent?

“Not at all, we always need new competition!” says Singh. “But seriously, knowledge needs to be passed on for the industry to be sustainable. Who knows what future stars may emerge from the seminar?

The Bhangra Knights’ training seminar is at IPW:UK, Swanley, Kent, on Sunday afternoon.


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