Interview: Crazy Mary Dobson on Scotland, Japan, blood and staples

crazy mary dobson 1jester havoc dobsonShe stunned the Fierce Females crowd with her match against Bete Noire – and then took on Jack Jester and Jimmy Havoc in a brutal hardcore match at ICW the next night. It’s fair to say Crazy Mary Dobson made a hell of an impact in the UK.

“It couldn’t have gone any better!” she enthuses. “Both of the matches I had were great and the people I stayed with were incredible hosts.”

Yes, yes, back up a bit, though – the internet was abuzz with one particular spot from the triple threat match with the menfolk. Not to be indelicate, but a staple gun to the lady bits?

“Yes! I was in fact stapled to the lady bits, but,” she says, with amazing  indifference, “no balls, so it didn’t hurt as much as it hurt Jimmy when I stapled his!”

She’s a relative newcomer to pro wrestling, and the influence of her now-fiance Mad Man Pondo on her career has been well documented. “He was one of the people I watched, growing up, do death matches. So he was a reason I love the sport, but if it was up to him he would have me save my face,” she admits.

That doesn’t mean she’s only interested in blood and gore. She’s trained and worked in Japan, and will be returning there soon for another three-month spell to work for a company called Diana. “Everyone in Japan is so polite, and wrestling is so respected that you walk around proud to be a wrestler,” she says. “So I was honoured to be able to be trained by the Japanese people.”

And she’d also like to see higher standards in women’s wrestling as a whole – unsurprisingly she thinks there’s no problem with intergender work, and admires the likes of LuFisto and Manami Toyota, but also looks up to menfolk including Sabu, Rob Van Dam and of course Pondo.

“Girls think they can just put on wrestling boots – some don’t even do that – and call themselves wrestlers,” she says. “They end up hurting themselves or others. It is bad for the business and is part of the reason some wrestling is looked at like a joke.”

Her promo before ICW sums her up.


Photos from ICW, courtesy of David Wilson.


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