Fact: kayfabe is alive and well in the WWE Universe

Curt Hawkins posted a photo yesterday of the wedding gift he’d had made for Natalya and Tyson Kidd (who, it seems, got married properly in a low-key way, and then in a WWE way, to be featured on Total Divas, which looks like it may be the worst TV programme ever made).

I was delighted to note that, among the congratulations, there were adorably naive comments from fans who were bewildered as to why Natalya was marrying Kidd when she was going out with the Great Khali.

No, seriously.

tyson and nattie


Slightly more puzzling were the comments professing confusion as to the happy couple’s relationship.



Frankly, I blame WWE for this. If they’d let that angle with Kidd and Michael McGillicutty play out, none of this would have happened. (If you missed it, McGillicutty was vaguely flirting with Nattie, and trying to rile Kidd by pointing out that no matter how hard he tries, no matter how long he’s with his girlfriend, and no matter how much he stresses his training at the Hart Dungeon, he’ll never be an actual Hart, and he’ll never be a third-generation star. What a great plot that would have been.)

PS – Congratulations, Tyson and Nattie!


One Response to Fact: kayfabe is alive and well in the WWE Universe

  1. wwe says:

    excellent Post I am a huge WWE viewer from Switzerland

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