Preview: Rhia O’Reilly and Iestyn Rees talk about IPW:UK’s weekend double header

ipwukposterThere’s innovation down in Swanley this weekend, as IPW:UK hosts its first ever women’s show as the first part of an impressive-looking double header of wrestling.

“It’s very exciting,” says Rhia O’Reilly, who’s part of a round-robin tournament in the afternoon with Liberty and Penelope. “This is a taster show for women’s wrestling.

“And it’s very exciting to have Saraya Knight down – a former SHIMMER champion, and the most experienced wrestler working on the European scene. It’s great to have her on board – she always brings something great to the card.”

“She could probably beat up most of the blokes on the evening card,” admits Iestyn Rees.

After issuing his Skinny Boy Challenge to wrestlers he considered too small, Rees is taking on someone rather more his own size – Joel Masters.

“He’s a big boy, but he’s got a lot to learn,” says Rees.

“But he’s got a natural advantage over most people – it should be an interesting match. The thing you don’t often get in British wrestling, which I think is sometimes to its detriment, is two guys just slugging one another. We’ll be doing that.”

Rees battles Masters in the main event of an evening show with some unusual match-ups on the card – while the novice tag-team of Mexican Justice (the Mexican Eagle and the Warden) face the might of the Bhangra Knights, the established pair of Rob Lynch and James Davis – otherwise known as the London Riots – are in singles action, against Paul Robinson and Ashley Reed respectively.

“It’s a bit of a curve ball, absolutely,” says Rees. “I’m a big proponent of tag-team wrestling – perhaps we’ll get some more new tag-teams out of it who’ll stick together and work and we’ll get some good matches out of it.”

He reckons Sha Samuels and Paul Ryker will defeat the young pair of the Whizzkids – “The Whizzkids are good – but that’ll be over pretty quickly” – and though he expects the Bhangra Knights to beat Mexican Justice, “if the Eagle starts swinging that ukelele around, you never know what might happen!”

Tickets for Ferocious Females are £8; tickets for Face Off are £9 (under 16), £12 (adult) and £35 (family – two adults, two children).

TOWIS editor Carrie Dunn will be at IPW:UK all day on Saturday to sell copies of Spandex, Screw Jobs and Cheap Pops – come down and say hello and pick up your copy if you haven’t done so yet!


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