Interview: Pollyanna talks Japan

pollyannaPollyanna is the latest British wrestler to be packing her bags, flying to Japan, and moving into a dojo for five weeks of intensive training.

She approached the legendary Emi Sakura after they were on the same card at Pro Wrestling EVE back in February. “I spoke to her and said I wanted to improve and felt that would be the best way. She was very understanding and asked me to send her some footage of my stuff, and then she said yes.

“I was a bit stunned. I expected it to be about how many squats I could do, or how many push-ups I could do, and that I’d have to send photos – and I just said how much I wanted to learn and she said I could come, and I was like, ‘Thanks, Emi!'”

Pollyanna is familiar with the country after travelling there during her gap year, but is realistic to know that this five-week trip will be a very different experience – not just because of the humid weather there during the height of summer.

“To be away from home for this long, in such a different environment, I won’t know anybody else – but I won’t worry about it now, and instead I’ll look forward to everything I’ll get out of it.

“I’m hoping to learn more of the language, to understand their wrestling scene and the match psychology – I want to see how it’ll help me with approaching a match and working with somebody – and I hope it’ll help me with stamina. Basically, I hope I can get everything possible out of it, and I’ll work my arse off while I’m there!”

Follow Pollyanna on Twitter.

Picture: Pollyanna at Total Action Wrestling, Dunstable, with a copy of ‘Spandex, Screw Jobs and Cheap Pops’!


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