Preview: Xander Cooper’s thoughts on Leicester Championship Wrestling and Futureshock

xander cooper

With more and more promotions popping up around the UK, it’s good to see many of them focusing on using British talent.

Leicester Championship Wrestling (LCW) is one of them; their summer show Face Off in Enderby on August 24th has two matches announced so far, with new tag-team champions The Predators defending their titles, and new champion ‘The Heat’ L.J Heron facing Stixx.

“It’s great to have a platform for British talent,” says Xander Cooper, one of the LCW roster, who’ll be in action on the night in an as-yet-unannounced clash.

Cooper’s one of the brightest rising stars on the scene at the moment, perhaps best known for holding the BWC Scarlo Scholarship Title and thus featuring on showcases including PROGRESS’s inaugural show.

And he’s ready to return to LCW in three weeks’ time to wow the crowds there some more.

“As someone who has appeared in more matches for LCW than LCW has actually had shows, I can say that at Face Off not only will I make an appearance but I will prove why I am LCW’s USP!”

Sounds intriguing – but at the same time as self-promoting, he’s also fully buying into the promotion’s ethos of spotlighting up-and-comers.

“Over the the last two years LCW has made a point of highlighting rising stars on the scene and creating new matches that no one has seen before. I am proud to be a the helm of these rising stars. As Rule Number 37 of Xander Cooper states: Mr Cooper always leaves you wanting more.”

If that doesn’t get you buying tickets, we’re not sure what will.

Before then, he can be seen in action at Futureshock on Saturday 3rd August, where he’s leading a new faction of dastardly bad guys- and this weekend’s card includes Doug Williams, who’s taken the UK by storm since returning from his sojourn in TNA.


2 Responses to Preview: Xander Cooper’s thoughts on Leicester Championship Wrestling and Futureshock

  1. Not my real name says:

    My email just said “Xander Cooper’s thoughts on Leicester” and i thought, wow, he’s doing a review of a city – that’s different! LOL

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