Interview: Wild Boar talks about Sabu, Damned Nation and missing teeth

LOW-6 (1)The resurgent Triple X Wrestling have some fascinating shows coming up – not least their August spectacular which includes the legendary Sabu, who’s up against South Wales’s very own Wild Boar, Mike Hitchman.

He’s looking forward to the match: “It will be a spectacle for sure – it’s not every day an ECW original comes to the UK.  I’m definitely going to show him who and what Wild Boar is all about. I’d recommend everyone coming to watch this match, I plan on going all out.”

And he’s already started coming up with some tactics. Well, three notes to himself.

“Avoid losing any more teeth. Dodge a chair like I dodge a wrench. Put him down on his back.”

He’s also recently been revealed as the newest member of the iconic Damned Nation. Is there an induction ritual? A hazing? An application form, or a secret approach?

“I don’t know what to say,” he says, with oodles of discretion. “Perhaps they like hairy guys?”

Perhaps. The reunited Damned Nation have been an integral part of Triple X’s relaunch, and the shows have been receiving great reviews.

“There’s always a different atmosphere at these shows; the fans have that interaction,” he explains. “Also the guys running it have a great sense of humour: not only are you seeing great wrestling, your technical, high flying and hard hitting and so on, but you’re getting some great comedy, from zombies to mainstream wrestling parodies. Above all, Triple X has some of the best talent in the UK and have a great eye for future talent.”

The Wild Boar faces Sabu at Triple X Wrestling on August 18th; you can also catch him on cards around South Wales, the Midlands and around Bath, Bristol and Weston with Welsh Wrestling, CSF, Attack Pro Wrestling and Triple X Wrestling amongst others. Follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook.

Photo credit:  Mathew Dodwell


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