Facts from WWE Monday Night RAW, Manchester Arena, Monday 11th November 2013

BY1jK_yIAAEBxhfYou may well have seen the show by now, but just in case – spoilers within! Here are my notes from being live at ringside at Monday Night RAW…

  • We opened with Superstars – and a guest announcing spot from William Regal. The crowd went wild after the words, “Our special guest ring announcer – from Blackpool.”
  • Want to know how to turn Wade Barrett face? Just let him wrestle in England every week. Maybe by satellite. You wouldn’t get any work permit problems then either.
  • Nobody in the world wants to see a Divas tag match between Naomi and Cameron and Alicia Fox and Aksana. And yet that’s what they made us watch.
  • I enjoyed the opening section of RAW, because Randy Orton SHOULD struggle to beat the combined power of the company’s tag champions, and want to run away. I commented at the time that John Cena wouldn’t. Sigh.
  • The arena was rocking to the sound of a “Randy’s BORING!” chant. I expect that to be dubbed from history.
  • Nobody needs to see Los Matadores wrestle 3MB again. NOBODY.
  • The Bellas cannot get a reaction from the crowd. Brie managed two decent dropkicks, though, I’ll say that for her. The problem with the Bellas is that they are both bad actresses and mediocre in the ring, and their mean girl schtick seems to be the only thing they can really do. They’ve tried to turn them face because of Brie’s engagement to Daniel Bryan, but the people who would be willing to like Brie because of Bryan are the same people who won’t like Nikki because of her relationship with Cena. In conclusion – the Bellas are pointless.
  • I also enjoyed the Shield mocking Randy Orton to his face. That’s what the Shield SHOULD be doing – pointing out that just because their interests might align with someone else’s, that doesn’t mean they’re allies. (“Feel better, yeah?” with a patronising pat to the shoulder was amazing.)
  • Damien Sandow beat Kofi Kingston. Everyone was pleased. Except maybe Kofi.
  • Paul Heyman is brilliant, although I was kind of hoping that his promo wouldn’t be a ‘you people’ one, and in fact he’d turn on Curtis Axel.
  • Speaking of whom, there was not a single person in the building cheering him on – there was a massive reaction for Dolphin Ziggler even though I think everyone accepted there was no chance he’d win.
  • Fandango is face in the UK by default, mostly because people like to sing along to his music. There was little interest in either Tyson Kidd, Natalya, or a clip from Total Divas.
  • John Cena beat the Real Americans after an amazing promo by Zeb Colter in which he hit the usual anti-British marks of “bad teeth” and “empire-building” but also managed to diss Mr Bean. (I hate Mr Bean but in this circumstance I’ll defend him to the hilt.)
  • R-Truth/Ryback = no-one cares.
  • For about three minutes at the end of the show, as the Shield faced off to the Wyatts (and Seth Rollins seemed to be holding Dean Ambrose back in a “leave it, Dean, he’s not worth it!” way), RAW was the best thing ever. I resorted to screeching, “I’M EXCITED!” as an expression of just how excited I was.
  • Obviously, though, it’s all just a ruse and a set-up for the traditional Survivor Series match. Which is fine, but not as exciting as a King of Trios series between Wyatts, Shield and Punk/Bryan/AN Other would have been.
  • After the show went off air, the face team spent a good 15 minutes being ridiculous, including Punk doing impressions of people (mostly Goldust).

I enjoyed the night, as I always enjoy WWE shows, and it was obviously improved by the fact that HHH and Stephanie weren’t there, but it was a bit of an average show overall. Still, any night when you see cosplaying Kane and Goldust fighting in the crowd is better than a night when you don’t.


4 Responses to Facts from WWE Monday Night RAW, Manchester Arena, Monday 11th November 2013

  1. tholzerman says:

    The “RANDY’S BORING” chants weren’t scrubbed from the American broadcast, at least.

  2. Hahaha – I haven’t watched the show yet but I enjoyed this summary immensely!

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