Question: when is a rib a rib too far?

I’ve been re-reading Bret Hart’s book this week. He tells us that the hapless Virgil was named as a joke at the expense of Dusty Rhodes, aka Virgil Runnells.

I was reminded of that little anecdote watching Monday Night RAW, as Vickie Guerrero was punished by having to face Divas champion AJ Lee in the ring – and promptly fainted repeatedly, much to the amusement of the commentary team (and presumably supposedly us as well).

It’s even less funny when you realise that AJ fainted in the ring last week – attributed apparently to dehydration – so it doesn’t take a huge leap of logical faith to assume that the portrayal of Vickie collapsing for our entertainment was devised as a rib on AJ.

If that’s the case, one wonders if it’s a rib that she was in on – was she laughing at herself? Or whether it’s a simple form of mockery, symbolising that she’s somehow ‘weak’ and thus a figure of fun, just like Vickie?

WWE have made great strides in the way they deal with health and wellness over the past few years. Storyline gags at someone’s physical collapse should be beneath them.


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