Fact: Monday Night RAW can be amazing just for half an hour

RAW_1070_Photo_166-2You might have seen on Twitter today that some of the folk in the British wrestling community have been posting only nice tweets – none of the negativity and bitching that we normally get on there.

And in that spirit, I’ve revised the blog I was going to write today. I was going to assess the entirety of Monday Night RAW – unification hints and guest hosts and all – but instead I’m just going to say how great it was to see Daniel Bryan and CM Punk having such fun with the pre-match promo.

And I’m going to say how awesome it was to see all three of the Wyatt Family combine to face them.

And I’m going to say what compelling viewing it was as they dragged off Bryan to their lair.

And I’m going to say how brilliant it was to see the Shield then interfere to stop Punk from helping his friend.

And I’m going to say how very much I enjoyed that segment of RAW; it was great wrestling and great storytelling and it left me thinking and wanting more. That’s what I want from my pro wrestling. Thank you for that, WWE.

Pic from WWE


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