Fact: Magnus is TNA’s new champion

135226_10153356804685374_30631316_oI very much like being right.

And as Magnus is TNA’s new champion after last night’s episode of Impact, I feel it is time to reflect on my words this summer when I was interviewed by Collar & Elbow:

Magnus has the look that US pro wrestling companies have loved for years, and he has charisma and loves to talk on the mic. He’s adept at playing the heel or being the good guy – as long as he’s allowed to chat, he can put that character over…It took TNA a while to let him unleash that brash, pantomimey persona, choosing instead to make him into a stoic, silent type. But now they’ve let him do what he’s best at, and there is no question he can handle main eventing.

If you’ll let me peer behind the curtain briefly, it’s also heartening that he speaks very well of Kurt Angle and Sting, who he says have given him advice and helped him settle in; and certainly Angle speaks equally well of him. This willingness to listen to the senior pros and to get along with the roster’s elite bodes well for his longevity in US pro wrestling.

Obviously I’m slightly biased as Magnus is the cover star of my book ‘Spandex, Screw Jobs and Cheap Pops’ and has been extremely complimentary in his endorsement of it – but after years of the best British talent being wasted by the US promotions, it’s exciting to see one with gold around his waist. Congratulations, Magnus!


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