Fact: Kaitlyn has left WWE, and the Divas Division is diabolically depleted

Have you missed Kaitlyn lately? I have. Remember when she was champion? Remember when she was feuding with her best pal AJ? Remember when she had two weeks of a storyline with Cody Rhodes, and then the Bellas came back and WWE forgot about the Divas who can wrestle?

Well, it’s probably not a surprise that today WWE has announced that Kaitlyn will be pursuing future endeavours outside the sports entertainment world.

Kaitlyn followed up by tweeting that it was “bittersweet”, and confirmed that there are “big things on the horizon for 2014” (which her fiance PJ Braun described as “an awesome new project”).

Wrestling fans being wrestling fans, there’s a lot of chatter about womenfolk not being interested in wrestling once they snag themselves a man, or the possibility of Kaitlyn posing for nude pictures.

Rolling my eyes at this and moving on, I’d like to wish Kaitlyn the very best – she has consistently been a great performer, she’s hilarious on Twitter, and I like her hair.

So waving her a fond farewell, let’s look at what we’re left with – a continuing feud between Divas who are on Total Divas, and Divas who are not. Wrestling doesn’t even matter any more. AJ is fighting the tide alone by maintaining a character, motivations, time on the microphone and wrestling ability.

People don’t care about the Divas as wrestlers apart from AJ, and I remain to be convinced that they care particularly about the Divas as people based on Total Divas. Kaitlyn tweeted before Christmas that she thought the Divas were in with a chance of winning a Slammy for audience participation based on all the “puppies” shouts she got while she was in the ring – and that just about sums up the attitude to women’s wrestling in the WWE.

I hate to say it but if this is any indication we’re in for another year of six-versus-six Divas tags (featuring segments like this, from 1.30 onwards, which I called at the time the worst thing I have ever seen – I stick by that), with Aksana apparently getting an inexplicable push.

With TNA’s Knockouts division continuing to dwindle, it’s a desperate time on the main shows for women’s wrestling, with only NXT giving us any hope whatsoever – but why would we want Paige and Emma called up when we can see how hideously they’d be wasted, just like poor Summer Rae?

Happy New Year, by the way.


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