Question: what was your WWE Best PPV match of 2013?

BEST_PPV_2013_BD_2DIdly watching WWE’s latest home DVD release – Best PPV Matches of 2013 – was an odd experience for me.

To be honest, give me a show or compilation with Renee Young presenting and you can guarantee I’ll watch – she’s smart, she knows her stuff, and she has a real personality – a terrific addition to the WWE’s reporting team.

But even with Young doing the links between matches, it seemed a bit strange to me to watch PPV matches in isolation – out of the context of their PPVs and their broader storyline. Although I saw all last year’s WWE PPVs, watching them back in this setting was like watching them for the first time, entirely free of the baggage I brought to them initially.

Obviously MY best PPV matches of 2013 would mostly involve the Shield, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, but I understand and appreciate that this has to be evened out to appeal to people who aren’t ladysmarks, so of course you’ve got John Cena v the Rock and Alberto Del Rio v Rob Van Dam as well.

I also really enjoyed the chance to see Kaitlyn v AJ from Payback – it makes you rather sad for the way Kaitlyn ended up being sidelined, because this pair together, whether enemies or allies, had so much potential.

It’s an interesting look back at the last calendar year (not including November or December due to production deadlines, one presumes), but I have to ask – out of the matches included on this DVD set listing, what was YOUR WWE Best PPV Match of 2013?

You MUST pick one – but if you had another favourite not included in that selection, let us know in the comments!


2 Responses to Question: what was your WWE Best PPV match of 2013?

  1. tholzerman says:

    Need to have some love for Cena/Orton from TLC. Great match.

    • Carrie says:

      Yep, it’s a bit weird, presumably they’ll include the best matches of the last two PPVs of 2013 as bonuses on the 2014 DVDs…

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