Fact: Fergal Devitt is making his IPW debut this weekend

1493187_635050056532787_2064297271_nI’m always a bit loath to go out on a Sunday night, especially when it involves travel.

But when I saw the card for this weekend’s IPW:UK show in Tonbridge, featuring Chris Hero vs Zack Sabre Jr, I decided I’d go, and damn the railway engineering work and its stupid replacement buses.

And now, Prince Fergal Devitt’s been added to the line-up, facing Dave Mastiff. This is going to be good.

“Obviously I’m looking forward to debuting for IPW but I think I’m more looking forward to the fact I’ll be returning to Kent and seeing some of my oldest friends, especially Danny Garnell and Zack Sabre Jr,” says Devitt, “not to mention Jimmy Havoc who I hope does a run-in of some sort and puts someone through a flaming table covered in thumb tacks and pops the crowd!”

Devitt and Mastiff are both part of the Suplex Wrestling roster, so their face-off has additional heat.

“Mastiff is one of these lads that when I first saw him I thought to myself, ‘Who the f*ck is he?'” he admits.

“I’ve been lucky to have travelled the world with wrestling, and anywhere I go Dave Mastiff is one of the names that people remember. Awesome size, strength and speed, he doesn’t really have to do anything except stand in the ring and he is intimidating.”

I’m excited already. Check back next week for my report from the show.

IPW:UK is at Tonbridge Angel Centre on Sunday 19th January.


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