Facts from IPW, Zack v Hero, Angel Centre Tonbridge, January 19th 2014

20140119_194756Well, I told you I was going to drag myself to Tonbridge, (very expensive) rail replacement services notwithstanding.

And frankly I think it was probably the best decision I’m going to make all year.

From the opening triple threat between Party Marty Scurll (resplendent in fur), Mark Haskins and Jonny Storm to the spectacular main event between Zack Sabre Jr and Chris Hero, every match was a gem for its own reasons.

20140119_180143If light-hearted fun (or friendship-based wrestling) is your thing, Project Ego are always a treat. This time Kris Travis was in singles action against the fearsome Rampage Brown, whom he likened to a bear – and then he promptly threw himself to the ground, as per the direction of his pal Martin Kirby: “If he’s a bear, play dead! He won’t be able to see you!”

Two terrifying antagonists faced each other to close the first half, in a late change to the line-up – as we reported last week, Fergal Devitt took on Dave Mastiff, and, two broken chairs later, the Bastard narrowly took the win.

20140119_182445It was fantastic to see Danny Garnell back in a wrestling ring, giving Earl Jonathan Windsor a much-deserved beating; and Paul Robinson defended his new title in a second-half opener against the Mexican Eagle, who, as always, attracted a lot of pigeon-related scorn.

The tag match between the Bhangra Knights and the London Riots was vicious – the Bhangras are such fantastic good guys that whoever is wrestling them is dastardly purely by definition; and the London Riots are so dislikeable that the reverse is true for them. It’s why the end of the match was such a shocker, as Darrell Allen turned heel and took out RJ Singh, handing the Riots the titles for reasons inexplicable…but I’m sure all will become clear.

Of course, this was all building to Sabre Jr v Hero. During the match, you could have heard a pin drop – not through lack of atmosphere, but because it was utterly enthralling. It began as a technical wrestling masterclass – with the appropriate applause after each sequence – but after a couple of stray boots and an armbar from Sabre, the elbow and knee pads were off, and it escalated into a clean but brutal battle. Sabre, bloodied but unbowed, eventually forced a submission from the visiting superstar, gracious in defeat – and promising a return soon. Let’s hope so.

Great stuff from IPW – a top-quality in-ring product, good on timing (always a bugbear of mine) and even the heckling children weren’t THAT annoying. If you missed the show, I recommend picking up the DVD.


2 Responses to Facts from IPW, Zack v Hero, Angel Centre Tonbridge, January 19th 2014

  1. Paul Smith says:

    The heckling children were very respectful of the Hero Sabre match which was great, I have been in situations before when even the parents were not respectful of such a technical match.
    The show was great from top to bottom but the two main events were outstanding. Well done Dan and IPW !!

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