Question: has CM Punk left WWE forever?

Everyone in the entire world seems to already know this, but just in case – stories suggest that CM Punk has walked out on WWE, hence his absence from Monday Night RAW.

There’s always the wobble over whether this is real or kayfabe, but, like the Daniel Bryan/Royal Rumble saga, this is also being covered by mainstream media; and although WWE are sticking to their “no comment” line – as they did over the weekend – they don’t need to, there’s enough hysteria (and, obviously, interest) being whipped up without them having to do anything.

If Punk is indeed absent from WWE on the Road to Wrestlemania, whether through his choice or through storyline, this obviously leaves Bryan to step up and face Triple H, hence the seeds sown on Monday’s show. (Whether or not Punk later makes a triumphant return while his old pal is revelling in the glory of defeating the Authority remains to be seen.)

Either way, it is going to do Punk a world of good to have a break from wrestling. He’s been working with injuries for months, he’s clearly been unhappy with the company behind the scenes, he’s financially prudent and doesn’t need to work, so this is a good move all round.

It’s just a shame that this time round he doesn’t have a belt to keep in his fridge until he wants to come back. Whenever that might be.


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