Interview: Rockstar Spud on being Dixie’s chief of staff and forthcoming TNA UK Tour

IMG_0986If you watched TNA’s British Boot Camp on Challenge TV this time last year, you’ll doubtless remember my own personal highlight of the series – when Rockstar Spud stepped in the ring with mentor Rollerball Rocco, who then proceeded to batter the hell out of him.

“You didn’t see the half of it,” confesses Spud. “He gave me a slap, and it brought tears to my eyes. Why they didn’t use it, who knows, but I can still feel it now. I can feel the handprint appear on my face.”

Spud was the antagonist of the series, butting heads with Marty Scurll and tormenting the Blossom Twins, and he argues that his role in wrestling is to be an illusionist – to manipulate people to love him or loathe him depending on the circumstance.

“You’re not paying to see people who are ordinary, because why would you pay to see them?” he asks rhetorically. “Have you ever watching a film where it’s really positive the whole way through? If you did, there’s no trial or tribulation – it wouldn’t be very good. If you haven’t got something to overcome, it’s not an interesting tale.”

IMG_6034And yet it was Spud who emerged victorious at the end of the Boot Camp process, picking up a TNA contract. This was no surprise to several high-profile wrestlers and promoters on the British scene, who said throughout that he would be the best signing.

“All four of us offered something; all four of us could have made a great contribution to TNA in any role,” he says. “Marty is one of the best wrestlers going currently. People don’t appreciate him. He’s really talented.”

He’s also full of praise for the Blossoms. “Those girls – they are the most professional, sweet girls ever. They are awesome and they don’t get the credit because they’re not over here enough and when they are over here they get the disrespect that women wrestlers get. Don’t disrespect them. They’re the best. Some girls who look a certain way can’t work like the Blossoms. I can’t say enough nice things about them.”

Since signing the contract, he’s been training in OVW (“the best thing I could have done”), and now he’s making the most of his chance on television as Dixie Carter’s chief of staff.

“I got told what I was doing the night before, so I had 24 hours to completely reinvent myself,” he explains. “Dixie thanked me for being so patient because others are not and it’s because I understand how wrestling is. People in developmental have been there for years before they get to do something. I feel very grateful that I’ve been called up within ten months.”

TNA Impact Wrestling tour the UK from the end of January.


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