Interview: Dynamite Dan – son-in-law of the Dynamite Kid

dan 1Soon the UK will be invaded by the next generation out of the Hart Dungeon – Dynamite Dan and the Dynamite Doll, the son-in-law and the daughter of Tom Billington, the notorious, mercurial Dynamite Kid.

“I started using the name Dynamite Dan in 2013, when Bronwyne started valeting me, and it was an easy transition,” explains Dan. “I do not, however, think I am what her dad was; he is truly one of a kind inside the ring. I use the name Dynamite as a tribute to him so people remember what he has done.”

Dan has been wrestling since 2001, when he was 14, beginning his training at a camp for kids, run by Teddy Hart, and then progressing to the Dungeon, now in the hands of Hart brothers Bruce and Ross, and finally to the cards of Stampede Wrestling.

“I don’t think anyone was as fearsome as Stu was, but it was very hard,” he says. “I was 16 years old when I started in the Dungeon. It was very hard, wrestling with guys who were double my age and weight. The dungeon really focused on mat work and chain wrestling. As there were no ropes, only a mat on the floor, you had no choice but to focus on such things.”

dan 2Despite this close association with the Harts, who have always referred to the Dynamite Kid as a part of the family, he didn’t meet Bronwyne until 2010.

“She came to watch one of the shows I was on,” he recalls. “It was a big show on which I was in a tag match versus Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn and the rest is history.”

Unsurprisingly, when Dan first met his future father-in-law, he was nervous.

“I was nervous to meet her dad, he is such a legend in wrestling,” he admits, “but I was also very excited. Dynamite and I spent days talking about wrestling and watching his matches on YouTube, it was an amazing experience.”

Dan asked Dynamite’s permission to marry Bronwyne, in the traditional fashion (“I was never worried that he would not grant me his permission to marry Bronwyne!” he says), and the pair were married on September 1, 2013.

dan 3Now the newlyweds are heading to the UK, even before taking their honeymoon, appearing for UKW on February 28th and NWA New Breed on March 1st.

“I think it will be a great experience to wrestle in the UK; we are very much looking forward to it and hope it will be the first of many times,” says Dan.

“Dynamite has very big shoes to fill, and I am not looking to fill them but to create my own path. I hope that I am able to impress the fans of the UK.”

Follow Dynamite Dan and the Dynamite Doll on Twitter.


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