Fact: “British wrestling” doesn’t owe you anything

March 25, 2014

Have you seen the latest plans for the FA Women’s Super League? After a couple of successful seasons with one closed elite league, the FA have now introduced a second division, and allocated places according to specific criteria and each club’s long-term strategies.

Great for the best in women’s football, apparently; but not so great for the grassroots feeder clubs, who fear they’re getting ignored and left behind by the governing body who are meant to be looking out for their interests.

I mention this because there’s been a lot of talk lately about what’s “best” for British wrestling.  There’s been fans complaining about the number of imports on cards, the publicity gained by promotions, the repeated bookings of top talent resulting in duplicate matches.

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Interview: the Blossom Twins talk about Sport Relief

March 8, 2014

blossomgirls-20You may have seen the Blossom Twins’ Twitter feed and noticed that they’re heading back to the UK to take part in Sport Relief. We caught up with them and asked them to tell us what’s going on with them…

Hello, ladies! For the benefit of non-UK readers, can you tell us about Sport Relief?

Sport Relief was created by Comic Relief and BBC Sport to bring the nation together through sporting events to help raise money for children all around the world. Celebrities, Sainsbury’s (UK grocery store) schools and all kinds of associations come together and take part in different sporting tasks to raise money to help shelter children and adults across the UK, to help provide fresh water and an education to communities across the world and so much more Read the rest of this entry »

Fact: WWE Divas are not necessarily good at wrestling

March 1, 2014

When you watched Elimination Chamber, I feel fairly sure that the lack of quality in the Divas match would have stood out to you.

Perhaps it was no worse than any other Divas match of recent times, but that is truly damning it with faint praise.

Although champion AJ Lee continues to do her best, she is working with a series of women who, to say the least, are not good in the ring or with character. Tamina’s kick that accidentally hit her ally was bizarrely done; she failed to react quickly enough meaning that many of the viewing public figured she was just turning on AJ rather than having made a mistake.

As for Cameron, she has always been terrible, from her initial assertion that Melina v Alicia Fox is her favourite match of all time through to this particular debacle.

Some kinder commentators than I have suggested that Cameron would have improved if she had had more time in the ring than these three-minute matches that Divas are limited to.

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