Fact: WWE Divas are not necessarily good at wrestling

When you watched Elimination Chamber, I feel fairly sure that the lack of quality in the Divas match would have stood out to you.

Perhaps it was no worse than any other Divas match of recent times, but that is truly damning it with faint praise.

Although champion AJ Lee continues to do her best, she is working with a series of women who, to say the least, are not good in the ring or with character. Tamina’s kick that accidentally hit her ally was bizarrely done; she failed to react quickly enough meaning that many of the viewing public figured she was just turning on AJ rather than having made a mistake.

As for Cameron, she has always been terrible, from her initial assertion that Melina v Alicia Fox is her favourite match of all time through to this particular debacle.

Some kinder commentators than I have suggested that Cameron would have improved if she had had more time in the ring than these three-minute matches that Divas are limited to.

Perhaps, but I doubt it.

The real problem is that historically WWE have picked up fitness models and wannabes with pretty faces and tried to make them into wrestlers. Just like AJ once said, they’re women who weren’t gifted enough to be actresses and not talented enough to be champions.

The novice men in WWE might never have matches as awful as this, but more often than not they’re left in developmental to get to grips with the WWE style, and usually they’ve had some sort of wrestling experience in the past. The women are fast-tracked up to feature on television as soon as possible; just think how dreadful Jojo must have been to not even be allowed to wrestle when Eva Marie was!

I have my own theories about WWE wanting to secure mainstream media coverage and celebrity however they can manage it, and they like to use their ladyfolk to smile, look pretty, walk red carpets and feature in reality TV shows. That’s fine; but if they can’t wrestle, they shouldn’t be used as in-ring competitors.

With the recruitment of Paige, Emma and Sasha Banks, and the appointment of Sara Del Rey, perhaps the usefulness of wrestling ability in a Diva is finally being recognised.

When you watched RAW the night after Elimination Chamber, I feel fairly sure you’d have noticed the big, big reaction Emma got when she applied the Emma Lock to Summer Rae. Women with wrestling ability should be the focus of the Divas division. Women without wrestling ability shouldn’t.

I can’t believe it’s even necessary to point it out.


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