Interview: the Blossom Twins talk about Sport Relief

blossomgirls-20You may have seen the Blossom Twins’ Twitter feed and noticed that they’re heading back to the UK to take part in Sport Relief. We caught up with them and asked them to tell us what’s going on with them…

Hello, ladies! For the benefit of non-UK readers, can you tell us about Sport Relief?

Sport Relief was created by Comic Relief and BBC Sport to bring the nation together through sporting events to help raise money for children all around the world. Celebrities, Sainsbury’s (UK grocery store) schools and all kinds of associations come together and take part in different sporting tasks to raise money to help shelter children and adults across the UK, to help provide fresh water and an education to communities across the world and so much more.

We have grown up watching Comic Relief and Children in Need and Sport Relief each year (Sport Relief every two years) and when working in schools we loved doing events with the kids even if it was something as simple as wearing the Children in Need colours. We think it is such a wonderful charity and we love when the nation comes together. We usually donate every year but after watching John Bishop’s Week of Hell back in 2012 we wanted to challenge ourselves and really make a difference. This year our trip back home to the UK coincided with the event so along with our little sister we signed up straight away!

Why did you opt for a sponsored run over swimming…or maybe sponsored burpees or something suitably wrestling-related? 

We opted for the run as we always feel like this is our biggest challenges. We do love to swim, and with us not being home and having a great deal of time to put our own challenge together, we thought this would be a good one! Back in 2012 we actually ran the Manchester half-marathon with our mum and little sister, for the MS Society, and raised over 600 pounds.

I think everyone was a little surprised with your announcement of taking a break – do you have any more news about future plans that you can share with us as yet?

We both got married last year so our decision to take a break was something that felt natural and just came at the right time. We wanted to spend more time with family and focus on that for a while and simply figure out where we were up to. We had been wrestling for nine years and felt a little burnt out with what we were doing at the time so needed to step away. We are working on a few things and just having fun at the moment but watch this space!

You can sponsor the Blossom Twins via their online donation page.


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