Fact: Paige can be the cornerstone of the new, improved Divas’ division

I talk about this a lot, but after last night’s RAW it seems that it’s finally coming true – Sara Del Rey’s fierce dojo stable is preparing to take over WWE and give us the Divas’ division we should have had all along.paige is champion

As soon as Paige’s titantron kicked in, the noise from the crowd was immense. They knew who Paige was. They knew what her arrival was heralding. And they were loudly, raucously excited for it.

She strode out and made it obvious that she’s a good person who we should cheer without being a nauseating Pollyanna about it – and she added the Divas belt to her NXT women’s champion title.

Perhaps most importantly, she showed she’s smart – she didn’t hang about in the ring and wait for Tamina to superkick her in the face, she rolled out, grabbed the belt, and made a sharp exit.

Funnily enough, it was the match itself that was the weakest spot – perhaps it was AJ’s tininess that threw off the Paige-Turner, or perhaps it was the tininess of the time allocated that meant everything was rushed.

Yet despite that, it was the result itself that was key.

And let’s not forget that Emma and Summer Rae locked up earlier in the evening (in yet another mixed tag) – again, they didn’t have very much time to do anything, but there was a Dil-Emma and there was an Emma-Lock and again the crowd CARE about these women.

They’re women who have established their credentials on NXT – and significantly their credentials aren’t limited to their “look”. They’re women who can wrestle and who can convey character and can engage with a crowd.

There was speculation that AJ and Paige really should have aligned as “anti-divas” rather than being put into a feud. I am perfectly happy with the way things have happened. AJ was right in her pipebomb a few months back. The old roster of Divas have indeed been worthless, unimpressive women who excel neither at wrestling nor at acting.

And there are always concerns that the “Total Divas” will turn round and fling the “we’re prettier than you so you’re jealous of us” storyline back into the face of the new champion, just as they did with the old champion. To be honest, I’ve no problem with that either – as long as Paige then proceeds to kick the hell out of them all, because she can.

AJ said she wanted someone to step up and really challenge her. Paige has done that – she’s taken her by surprise and taken the belt.

And with Emma and Summer Rae there, and Sasha Banks and Bayley waiting for their call-ups as well, and Del Rey keeping her eagle eye on proceedings – and most importantly given enough time to wrestle and speak and consolidate their places as stars – this can be a new era for women’s wrestling.


One Response to Fact: Paige can be the cornerstone of the new, improved Divas’ division

  1. matthew17840 says:

    I completely agree. With the recent upsurge of young talent on the male side of the WWE, it was only right for the female side to follow suit. The current divas, bar AJ and a few others, are nowhere near the standard (that should be) expected of the women wrestlers and so I think the introduction of the much superior NXT females will only be a good thing. May be finally the Divas division will get back to the quality of Trish and Lita.

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