Question: who should Evolution’s fourth member be?

02_BIB_EvolutionSo Evolution have returned, ten years on from their original incarnation.

Of course, the original idea was that the quartet embodied the best of the past, present and future of professional wrestling – but a decade later, they’ve all stepped up a generation. If Triple H is Ric Flair, Batista is Triple H, and Randy Orton is Batista, then who’s going to be Randy Orton – the new blood who can blaze a trail in the industry?

The answer is obvious.


Yes, it’s Charlotte, a touch of Flair from NXT – part of Del Rey’s dojo, the “dirtiest Diva in the game”, and a great option for a new take on the Evolution stable. It offers them all kinds of opportunities – she can wrestle, she can talk, she can valet, and she can interfere in multiple nefarious ways to preserve her pals (as we’ve seen with her alliance with Sasha Banks and Summer Rae).

And of course her lady-ness also gives them the possibility of taking over the Divas division too. Remember about a year ago when there were rumours of a woman joining the Shield?


She’s now Divas champion, and, as they keep reminding us, has literally no friends on the women’s roster. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t renew her working relationship with her old NXT colleagues Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (and their unhinged buddy Dean Ambrose).  Sounds like a good basis for a feud that isn’t based on “this woman is jealous of this woman because she’s PRETTIER THAN HER”.

What do you think? Am I over-reaching? Let me know in the comments.


One Response to Question: who should Evolution’s fourth member be?

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