Question: what are your predictions for tonight’s Extreme Rules?

It’s come round very quickly, but tonight it’s Extreme Rules! What’s going to happen?


  • Pre-show I’m not going to watch because I can’t put up with the sniggering commentary team whenever Hornswoggle and El Torito are in action. Wee-LC? Really?
  • Speaking of the commentary team, I imagine Michael Cole will mention the WWE Network repeatedly, overlooking the fact that nobody outside the US is supposed to be able to access it.
  • On the plus side, he’s given up telling us how to install the WWE App for the time being, which is good.
  • Rob Van Dam v Jack Swagger v Cesaro – one of these things is not like the other. Cesaro to swing RVD into oblivion please. Although thinking about it, if RVD isn’t going to win, what was the point of him bothering to come back? Such is the unending mystery of Rob Van Dam.
  • R-Truth and Xavier Woods v Alexander Rusev – CRUSH.
  • People have to stop shouting “What?” at Lana. Apart from the fact that the woman is a goddess and should simply be worshipped, YOU’RE JUST PROVING HER POINT FOR HER ABOUT YOUR OWN STUPIDITY.
  • Paige v Tamina Snuka – Paige to kick out of a splash and then force Tamina into tapping. And then to join the Shield, as per my suggestion, maybe?
  • Big E v Bad News Barrett – I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS for Big E; he’s losing his title tonight as part of the Great European Takeover of 2014. (Think it’s a coincidence that the next generation of talent is being led by a pack of Brits plus a Swiss with a green card? Think again.)
  • John Cena v Bray Wyatt – Cena to overcome the odds, probably. Yawn.
  • Daniel Bryan v Kane – Bryan to keep his title but to misplace his wife in the depths of hell.
  • Me to get increasingly angry with Brie Bella’s utter lack of acting talent.
  • The Shield v Evolution – Evolution have lost pretty much consistently for the past six weeks. So they’ll win here.
  • Dean Ambrose will be livid and possibly do some more epic wall-leaning.
  • No slots on the card for Rybaxel, despite their new mash-up theme, or the Usos, or our new mixed-gender tag staples Santino & Emma and Fandango & Layla would indicate that there’ll be some more matches thrown in. Plus there’s always going to be some randomness. Looking forward to it.

One Response to Question: what are your predictions for tonight’s Extreme Rules?

  1. El Rogerio says:

    All I care about is Horny vs Torito…

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