Preview: Future Pro Wrestling, Crowning Glory, Sunday May 11th

1016957_721897107831219_941307119_nThe FPW tag belts will finally be awarded on Sunday as four teams battle it out to become the champions – and to take on the visiting Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in October.

“I’m very excited to see the tag final elimination match,” says Matt Burden, FPW co-founder. “It’s been a long time coming, and 16 teams later we’re here at the final four. 

“According to our Facebook page voting the fans seem to feel The London Riots have the upper hand with this one. But The Alpha Males certainly made an impact at the last show against Storm and Williams so size and power wise I think they’re pretty evenly matched.

“And then two teams who know each other well also: the Bhangra Knights and the Swords of Essex, both firm fan favourites with tons of energy. It will be interesting to hear how the crowd will be split.”

The FPW crowd will also be welcoming the debuting Wild Boar Mike Hitchman and Mark Andrews.

Burden explains: “We’ve wanted to introduce these guys for some time now but the timing has never been right. I’m really looking forward to introducing the FPW faithful to both these immensely talented Brit wres regulars.”

Elsewhere on the card, Joel Masters will be taking on his old pal-turned-enemy Earl Jonathan Windsor; and Greg Burridge gets a title shot against Sir Thomas Chamberlain. As Burden elaborates: “With no Jimmy Havoc around to interfere I know Greg believes his chances are good.”

All that plus Grado too – and more names to be added to the October supershow. Looks like a good afternoon out for all the family.

FPW presents Crowning Glory, Wallington Hall, Sutton, on Sunday afternoon.


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