Facts from Monday Night RAW, Live in London, O2 Arena, May 19th 2014

I’m writing this shortly before the programme goes to air, so spoilers within, of course…

  • London was extremely excited to welcome Big Show in the opening match for Superstars.
  • London was extremely unbothered by his opponent, Titus O’Neil. In this they mirror much of the rest of the known universe.
  • We saw from the Fandango incident that UK crowds enjoy singing along with catchy themes. Jack Swagger benefited from this today.
  • So too did the Wyatt Family, with “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” ringing around the arena before the show even began.
  • There was a German announce team. A GERMAN ANNOUNCE TEAM! I’m only sad Cesaro didn’t speak to them in one of his multiple languages.
  • The Wyatts began the show and revelled in the audience participation.
  • Paul Heyman made a reference that I hope and expect will be cut out of the airing. If Sky Sports won’t include mentions of Vladimir Putin, I highly doubt they’ll include mentions of monarch death.
  • Cesaro had his name sung to the tune of “Here We Go”.
  • He also kissed Paul Heyman’s head. It was sweet.
  • “We Want Barrett” chants were intermittent.
  • Summer Rae came out ostensibly to batter Layla, but really to save us from the tedium of a mixed tag between the dancing duo and R-Truth and the Funkadactyls.
  • Stephanie McMahon attempted to usurp the YES chants, and then got drowned out so very completely after suggesting that Bryan might lose his titles that I had no idea what she was talking about until they showed the recap on the tron later.
  • Lana, wise to the fact we don’t care about our politicians here, gained instant heel heat by saying, “You are no different from the French.” Lady, I love you.
  • Alicia Fox continues her epic heel run. She stole Jerry Lawler’s crown and then walked along the crash barriers.
  • Triple H interfered in Seth Rollins’s match against Batista. Guess whether or not special guest announcer Dean Ambrose was happy with this. Guess.
  • Adam Rose is OVER in the UK. Much singing and dancing ensued, followed by a “You’re a lemon!” chants directed at Jack Swagger. If Rose never gets any real success with this character, I’ll always be glad he had this awesome night in London.
  • It is fun to sing “John Cena sucks!” to the tune of his theme. I didn’t know that other people did it, I thought it was just me.
  • I really get annoyed with obnoxious children at wrestling shows. This time we were lumbered with a couple of brats who spent the evening hurling homophobic insults at anyone they didn’t like. Their father said not a word. And we wonder why professional wrestling continues to be riddled with this kind of nonsense in storyline as well.

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