Interview: Jeremy Borash talks TNA Xplosion, Knockouts, X Division and Rockstar Spud

Jeremy Borash Promo 01_mrDid you grow up watching wrestling on the television every Saturday? Is that what hooked you for life?

Jeremy Borash feels the same.

“It’s how I started watching wrestling – with my dad,” he says. “I don’t think I’d be here [in TNA] if we hadn’t had that show. And I didn’t have a whole lot in common with my dad, but one thing we did was we’d go to the wrestling together, and we’d watch the wrestling together every Saturday morning. I’m so excited about it.”

And now TNA’s establishing themselves in that market with a relaunch of Xplosion, to air on Challenge at 9am on Saturday mornings.

“It’ll be the first time in this country’s history that there’ll be a free-to-air show on Saturday mornings, which is very cool,” he says.

“We saw a big pick-up in our last tour with more families than ever. I think it’s time for families to be able to sit down and watch the show on television, parents and kids enjoying the wrestling together – it’s like a good animated movie that everyone wants to see.”

It’ll be focused on the X Division, but expect some Knockouts action as well (the women will be suitably attired as well rather than donning the ridiculously skimpy outfits we’re used to seeing them in).

“It’s the two most popular elements with kids,” he says.

Plus there’ll be Rockstar Spud.

“He tests great with kids,” says Borash, with an expression of mild surprise, and then jokes, “They’re like, ‘I’m as tall as he is!’ No, they relate to him really well.

“Eventually he’s going to have his own segment – it’ll be Spud across America. We travel together, and trainwrecks just follow him everywhere…”

Some might be slightly surprised that this is something TNA are keen on doing since they’ve long been the more “edgy” of the two global mainstream promotions, happily taking on risque storylines and airing more violent action.

“We do have to be careful on that,” he admits. “These will be kid-friendly characters, the matches will be kid-friendly, but it won’t be so sanitised that adults don’t want to watch it.

“There’ll be Spin Cycle – I was inspired by Celebrity Juice, and it’s a format people are used to here. Everybody who does it genuinely wants to be there and is genuinely having fun doing it. They’ve got an open pass to be as wacky as they want on that show.”

And will Xplosion be part of next year’s ever-popular TNA UK Tour – or is there any chance of it running its own smaller venues?

“We’ve got a couple of things planned,” says Borash. “If we’re going to try anything, it’ll be here [in the UK] first – whatever works here usually works everywhere else.

“When I daydream, I think about how it would be if this blew up, and we could take our own talent around 2,000-3,000-seat venues. That would be great. I’d love for it to  happen – and if fans want it, it will happen.”

TNA Xplosion airs on Challenge as from this Saturday (May 31st) at 9am.


10 Responses to Interview: Jeremy Borash talks TNA Xplosion, Knockouts, X Division and Rockstar Spud

  1. workmancer says:

    I’m happy Xplosion will focus on the X Division. I’d rather watch that show. And yeah if they’re going for a family atmosphere, the women should be covered. I remember at family functions and Tribute to the Troops. The women of the family are cool with watching wrestling until the women come out.

    Kids love short wrestlers. Short and or colorful wrestlers. Like big blocks of colors.

    I see why WWE gears itself to kids, just like McDonalds. Because whenever WWE comes to town, parents buy a ticket for themselves and their 2 – 3 kids. And merchandise for 3 – 4 people. Parents spend money on their kids more than themselves. You even see going to a free zoo in downtown Chicago. People without kids park free and walk. People with kids pay the $20 to park at the free zoo.

    • Carrie says:

      Yep. Thing with the Knockouts is that if they took away some of the awful sexism, I think they’d do really well with women viewers. It wasn’t so long ago that Mickie was a legit main-eventer in TNA – great wrestling built on actual storylines is an appeal. Cheap sexism isn’t.

      • workmancer says:

        There’s always Shimmer here in Chicago that is an all women’s promotion. The sexism? Do you mean the more revealing outfits and Velvet Skye bending over? Is that what you mean? TNA once did have a booming Knockouts division…. but they also had a booming X-division and tag division. Now they just stories instead of focusing on goals of each wrestler.

      • Carrie says:

        I mean the godawful stripping angle they did with the Beautiful People the other week, for starters!

      • workmancer says:

        Is that sexist? I thought sexist was girls can’t do what boys can do. Yeah I’m no fan of the whole the ref sees a perty gurl and duhhhh can’t ref a match. Its just silly. I could better understand if he was paralyzed with fear over a 2 ton monster elephant coming in than I could him being smitten.

      • workmancer says:

        I just wanted to swoop in and tell you to go out of your way to see the Natalya vs Charlotte match from NXT. It’s the best women’s match of the year if not the decade in NXT, WWE, and TNA.

      • Carrie says:

        We don’t get NXT Takeover here in the UK.

      • workmancer says:

        Ouch, I’m sorry to hear that. It’ll probably end up on Youtube or Daily Motion even with the network.

      • Carrie says:

        Thanks – the TV schedule for the week has just changed so we may get it before Payback now, which would be good!

  2. […] course, I was talking to Borash because TNA were launching their new Saturday morning programming on Challenge TV in Britain; and since then they’ve also announced a second series of British Boot Camp, which looks set […]

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