Interview: FPW on Stone, Redman and Summertime Brawl

10446315_762168933804036_6988851626079354166_oI constantly recommend FPW for anyone looking for a family-friendly promotion with high-quality wrestling – and I’m clearly not the only one, as they’re into their fourth year of life in an industry that chews up and spits out companies very swiftly.

“Our fans are the fuel that drives our company,” says co-founder Matt Burden. “They’ve followed us for three years and now into the forth and we feel truly blessed to have the support and energy they provide.”

The audience will have a little treat direct from WWE at next weekend’s Summertime Brawl, with Martin Stone and Joel Redman (NXT’s Danny Burch and Oliver Grey) making their debuts and facing each other.

“As much as I’m looking forward to seeing the FPW crowd react to what I’m sure will be a master class in British wrestling, I’m also looking forward to hearing the guys’ thoughts on our crowd,” says Burden. “The response from wrestlers who’ve never worked our shows before has been phenomenal once they’ve debuted and I’m sure Martin and Joel will enjoy our ever noisy, interactive building.”

The successful tag-team tournament crowned the Swords of Essex as champions, and now both Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson will be in singles action as part of the new Zero G competition.

All matches will all be three ways, with two wrestlers going through from each match (“much like the school football game of ‘Cup’,” says Burden); the first trio will be Rob Cage, Robinson and a mysterious Japanese debutant, and the second White Lightning Mark Andrews, Wild Boar Mike Hitchman and Ospreay.

As always, though, Burden and FPW are looking ahead; the October 24th show, Trick or Treat, is likely to be their biggest ever, hosted at the newly refurbished Westcroft Leisure Centre in Carshalton and featuring Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, Chavo Guerrero Jnr, Chris Masters and Hardcore Holly as well as British stars such as El Ligero and a title shot for Greg Burridge, putting his career on the line.

Summertime Brawl is on July 19th at Wallington Hall.


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