Facts from Future Pro Wrestling Summertime Brawl, Wallington Hall, July 19th 2014

10443190_762168837137379_284521731173671993_oI usually do a little write-up of shows, taking care to personalise it and make sure that I’m documenting my experience and perception of facts.

I’m not going to do that for last night’s FPW show – but what I will do is state an undeniable fact…although it’s disappointing that Joel Redman and Martin Stone weren’t kept on in WWE for longer, it’s absolutely brilliant to have them back here in Britain.

Redman has always looked like a superstar and he performs as one as well; an absolutely perfect cheerable babyface.

And Stone is a textbook villain. William Regal tried ever so hard to convey this on NXT commentary when he didn’t get enough ring time to do it himself, but he looks like a proper menacing threat and behaves as one too. Heels on the British circuit, take notes from this man – it’s not enough simply to wear black and manage a half-hearted sneer occasionally. Stone wrestles and talks like someone truly bent on inflicting physical damage to anyone who ever crossed his path.

I’m particularly intrigued to see whether the pair return to FPW – last night’s show indicated that they will, with Stone aligning with the London Riots and Redman joining the similarly aesthetically pleasing Alpha Males. That looks like a fascinating little narrative, and one I’ll be really keen to follow.


2 Responses to Facts from Future Pro Wrestling Summertime Brawl, Wallington Hall, July 19th 2014

  1. thedudexyz says:

    Agreed – I also thought that another debutante, Sha Samuels, was excellent and along with Stone is one of the best UK heels right now. Definitely put those two and Jimmy havoc as the top 3, would you agree?

  2. Carrie says:

    I think it’d be hard to disagree!

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