Question: what next for TNA?

You’ve probably seen by now that gossip site TMZ are reporting that Spike TV will no longer be airing TNA programming on their channel.

There have, of course, been rumblings for a while suggesting that Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion, Global Force Wrestling, would be aiming for a slot on Spike.

Leaving that aside, the current TNA/Spike deal is reported to run till October, so it won’t be disappearing from American TV screens quite yet.

And of course it’s possible that in the interim, the company will find another TV channel to air its programming.

But perhaps this is a big opportunity for TNA.

I’ve suggested previously that given the popularity of TNA in the UK, they ought to think about doing more over here. The success of Ring Ka King showed that, with the right creative direction, TNA can indeed tailor a product to their market. Their willingness to aim a product at the UK market was evident with their live show in January, plus their taped programmes and “special events”.

And when I interviewed Jeremy Borash a month or two back, we discussed the possibility of TNA running a Europe-wide cruiserweight division.

Of course, I was talking to Borash because TNA were launching their new Saturday morning programming on Challenge TV in Britain; and since then they’ve also announced a second series of British Boot Camp, which looks set to feature the Owens Twins (despite America not understanding the concept of twins), friend of TOWIS Mark Andrews, and friend of TOWIS RJ Singh.

Maybe this is the golden opportunity TNA have been waiting for, to finally strike out of the shadows and create their own identity…a global promotion, based out of Europe…imagine….


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