Interview: Rockstar Spud talks British Boot Camp Series 2, Dixie Carter, EC3 – and Spike TV

IMG_0023Rockstar Spud has just declared to the world that he’s a jerk.

“I am a jerk. I’m a jerk in and out of the ring,” he says.

When you’re Dixie Carter’s chief of staff, that’s probably a given. Since winning the first series of British Boot Camp, which aired at the start of 2013, Spud has become a fixture on TNA’s television shows. And he very rarely gets stagefright.

“The only time I’m ever nervous about being on camera with Dixie is when I have to save her from a near-death experience. I am literally saving that woman’s life. I am a hero. I’m Mr Carter’s hero [Ethan Carter III] as well. I was born a hero. This,” he concludes dramatically, “is what I was born to do.”

Slightly exaggerated, perhaps, but he’s equally effusive with his praise of EC3. “He looks like he’s cut out of stone. He’s beautiful. He’s charismatic. He’s the best friend I could ever ask for. He’s going to be one of the biggest stars in the wrestling business. Another company [ie WWE] completely dropped the ball with this young man. He has chemistry with whoever he’s in the ring with – there’s absolutely no-one who can touch him.”

IMG_4824He then goes on dishing out the compliments to the rest of his colleagues – the Bromans, the Wolves, Bully Ray (“although he’s a piece of garbage for what he wants to do to Madam Dixie”).

“Our roster is the best roster in the world. There’s no roster that can match ours,” he concludes.

Be that as it may, that hasn’t stopped the speculation about the company’s future.

Spud, though, neatly sidesteps any mention of Spike TV ending their contract with TNA, deflecting any further questions by saying: “It’s not my department as a professional wrestler. There’s ongoing talks – they work very well together and always have had a great relationship.

IMG_6082“My job is to turn up and do exactly as I’m told. Whatever happens going forward, I look forward to what tomorrow brings.”

He’s also curiously evasive on what he’ll be doing during the second series of British Boot Camp, which hits the UK in August and will air in the autumn. Names already announced for the show include Rampage Brown (“he could be the favourite going in, because he was selected specifically by Samoa Joe, probably the best pro wrestler in the world – that’s a huge, huge compliment), Martin Stone, Mark Andrews, El Ligero, Noam Dar and the Owens Twins (“they’re like…the Anti-Blossom Twins”).

Spud reckons he doesn’t envy the entrants’ task this time round.

“The person that wins this series is really going to be a superstar stand-out above everybody,” he muses. “I was against three other people. These people have an unlimited number of people they could be against. I’d advise them to capture the camera and entertain. If you’re a character that people want to watch, your journey’s going to continue.

“I’m looking forward to watching the process and seeing who’s going to step up. There’s such a small window in the wrestling business for a company to even look at you. It’s going to be amazing.”

And obviously he should know. With his sharp suits and sycophantic style, he’s one of the linchpins of a major televised wrestling promotion, just two years on from a talent search TV show.

“I honestly couldn’t be happier with my life right now,” he says. “I am very blessed to be in TNA.”

TNA Wrestling presents One Night Only: X-Division Xtravaganza, on Friday August 1st.
British Boot Camp airs on Challenge TV in the autumn.


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