Facts from TNA British Bootcamp Series 2 UK finals, York Hall, London, August 16th 2014

borashWell, I say “facts”. When Jeremy Borash began the TV taping, he asked us not to release details about the show on the internet. Seems fair enough to me. The series doesn’t air till October, and I hate having wrestling shows spoilt for me (hilariously, TNA are actually the most culpable for this – posting results and what’s going to happen in upcoming taped programmes on their social media, forgetting every single week that the UK doesn’t see it until three days afterwards). Embargoes aren’t unusual for journalists who are going to press screenings of shows, and that’s the mindset I approach this with.

So with no further ado, some hints at what went on in East London last night…

  • There were judges, and Gail Kim’s hair looked lovely.
  • In action were a handful of the very best UK wrestling talent, men and women. Some are well-known for being great in the ring; some are well-known for being fantastic character actors; some manage both. (One was not very well-known at all.)
  • There was a lovely supportive atmosphere throughout the evening.
  • There was a “This is PROGRESS” chant. (Lots of UK promotions were represented on people’s shirts – I wish I’d thought of doing an Eye-Spy chart.)
  • The sound was fairly odd. My ears were ringing for several hours afterwards, and I think I heard maybe half a dozen words uttered by the judges throughout.
  • That did not stop me getting to my feet and dancing along with various entrance themes. Some you might expect to hear at an 80s disco; others you wouldn’t.
  • I sat in the front row and now fear that I’ll be on the telly quite a lot. Oh dear.
  • There were special guest appearances from half of the contestants from British Boot Camp Series 1, and the Beast from ‘The Chase’, which I’ve still never seen and about which I know purely because of wrestling.
  • Every single contestant did themselves and British wrestling proud. Any combination of the line-up would be worthy of progressing to the New York finals.
  • I can also exclusively reveal that most of the contestants last night have been interviewed here on TOWIS and/or in ‘Spandex, Screw Jobs and Cheap Pops: Inside the Business of British Pro Wrestling’

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