Facts from TNA Impact Wrestling, Phones4U Arena, January 30 2014

As always with TNA tour blogs, the spoilers are strong with this one…

  • It was good to see the British Boot Camp 2 finalists featured across the event. There are few people in the world who could get an arena full of alcohol-consuming men to unashamedly dance along to Madonna, but Grado has that talent.
  • I went to this show with a pal of mine who hasn’t really watched wrestling in the past ten years but was a Hardy Boyz fangirl in her younger years. It was thus very exciting for her to see Matt Hardy in the flesh (I was about to make a mean joke there but thought better of it).
  • There is nothing I love more than watching Awesome Kong bust people’s implants. I don’t care whether it’s Dolphin Ziggler or Taryn Terrell.


  • Possibly the strangest moment of the evening was when Samoa Joe and his minions tried to put Austin Aries through a table, which failed to break after a double-footed leap from the top rope. Joe, never one to let the possibility of breaking bones get in the way of a good show, proceeded to throw himself at Aries and the table. The wood splintered, and probably so did Aries’s ribs.
  • It was marvellous to see Drew Galloway, disguised in a hoodie but recognised by all.
  • Magnus mentioned that “his missus” had “bitch-slapped” Bram. That’ll be good to see whenever it airs.
  • The Wolves won the tag titles, and I was amused to note that their titantron is the same hastily-put-together one they had for last year’s tour, when they signed for the company a few days before the show.
  • Rockstar Spud trying to tag Mr Anderson with a beseeching, imploring, “Ken! KEN!” was actually adorable, as was him managing to wrestle Tyrus once he’d managed to get him to his knees.
  • One thing that the TNA tours have lost in recent years is the ability to show recaps on the titantrons to bring us up to date with what happened in the previous night’s taping. It means that wrestlers are lumbered with promos that are exposition-heavy, or they don’t bother explaining it at all.
  • They have also, sadly, lost numbers in the live audience, which I suspect explains the amount of action that happened on the floor. When people are brawling by the steps and up the ramp, they have fans leaning over the barriers, hugely engaged with what they’re seeing. When they’re in the ring, it’s easy to see some empty seats. I completely understand if it was deliberately directed that way, but it didn’t make for a great spectacle if you weren’t in those floor seats.
  • Jeremy Borash mentioned at one point that perhaps TNA should move in permanently to the UK. It’s something I’ve speculated about before, and with the roster adding more and more Brits, it’s genuinely seeming more of a possibility.

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