Facts: The Destruction Of The Shield, WWE DVD

DESTRUCTION_OT_SHIELD_DVD_3DIt’s no secret that whenever I see the moment when Seth Rollins turned on his brethren, I still feel sick. Dean Ambrose’s face of horror as he realises the betrayal unfolding in front of him remains a tragic piece of television.

The months prior to that fateful day, however, were marvellous. The Shield fought for their own brand of justice, they walked out through the crowd, and once they even had a helicopter.

So I was torn about watching this DVD compilation. Next week, you too will be able to buy this three-disc set chronicling the demise of the best stable in WWE for years. And then maybe you can tell me what on earth to make of it.

The bits with the matches on – that’s great. There’s singles matches from NXT and some FCW brilliance as well as the trio in the Shield incarnation.

But the documentary? I’m still not sure what was going on there.

Interestingly, Roman Reigns is delightful when he’s just being allowed to talk about wrestling. Dean Ambrose, no matter how deranged, is a compelling presence on camera.

It’s Rollins who’s the problem in this DVD. Initially I just assumed he was ‘in character’, the character he is now, as the Authority’s lapdog, explaining why he was so very irritating.

But then he started chuntering on about the Shield’s matches being “underrated” and bloody CrossFit, so I started to think that maybe this is just him.

And therein lies the problem with WWE DVDs in the Reality Era. Are you presenting an actual biography of these guys? Or are you presenting a kayfabed storyline? You can do either. But you can’t do both. And that’s why the documentary section of this collection rings slightly false.

The matches, however, are still amazing – and if you liked the Shield even a little bit, you should see this. If nothing else, you can reevaluate their ringwork and decide whether you agree with Rollins that they were underrated…


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