Fact: Alundra Blayze’s WWE Hall of Fame induction speech was amazing

CBOl4oiWAAAvqskThe 2015 Hall of Fame headliner may be ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage; Connor ‘the Crusher’ Michalak’s posthumous prize of the “Warrior Award” may commandeer the most column inches.

But Alundra Blayze’s acceptance speech was one that will live with me for a long time.

She was funny and dignified, entertaining and concise, using her cue-cards brilliantly in a way that Larry Zbyszko, her predecessor on the podium, could have learnt from.

The WWE billing for Blayze – and the nonsensical induction speech from Natalya – may stress her aesthetic beauty at the expense of her in-ring ability, but her performance last night was beautiful in more ways than one.

It was beautiful to hear her pay tribute to colleagues in Japan and on the US independent circuit; in a company that so often pits women against each other and frames it as “jealousy”, it was refreshing and touching to hear such a honest and straightforward account of female friendship, of supportive sisterhood. (Of course, she thanked male friends and colleagues as well – notably Paul Heyman, who shed a tear as she spoke of his contribution to her career.)

It was beautiful to hear her address the controversy of her arrival in WCW, and even as she lifted the title belt out of the trash can and officially rebuilt the bridges she set ablaze two decades ago, she still managed to criticise the ignominy of “bra and panties matches” and having barbecue sauce slathered on her.

Of course, it was also fascinating to hear what she didn’t say – the sideways glances when talking about the current generation of Divas, for example. (If she heard Nikki Bella’s pathetic scrabbling around for an appropriate sentence or two to celebrate her induction, it’s no wonder that she undercut her praise of the potential talent in the Divas’ division with that ironic little glance.)

With Sara del Rey training her NXT dojo, it would be fascinating to see what Alundra Blayze could make of the main roster women, should she so desire. Regardless, it was wonderful and incredibly inspiring to see Blayze, her legacy, and women’s wrestling in general not just treated with respect – but feted on WWE’s biggest stage of all.


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