YouTube: Daniel Bryan vs Jamie Noble at WWE RAW house show

January 16, 2012

It seems that Jamie Noble has slunk out of retirement on this most recent round of house shows, wrestling WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan in Yakima, Washington, over the weekend.

There are various reports about the match online, but so far the only clip I can find is this one, with Bryan’s promo, and small excerpts from the match. David Otunga’s theme plays from 3.40 onwards – he’s the minion who announces Noble as Bryan’s opponent, not the opponent himself.

The match ran over ten minutes, apparently, so I’ll keep checking and feed back if I find anything more enlightening.

YouTube: Marty Scurll gets the party started on ITV1’s Take Me Out

January 16, 2012

Did you miss ITV1’s epic Take Me Out this weekend? Then you missed a treat.

This lower-brow Blind Date, full of single entendres, fake tan and desperation, featured UK wrestling’s very own Marty Scurll as a contestant on Saturday night.

And Southside Wrestling have obligingly recorded it for posterity.

Look out too for a good old-fashioned rib from Jimmy Havoc.

Video: White Lightning Mark Andrews celebrates 2011!

January 4, 2012

Regular TOWIS readers will be well aware of Mark Andrews’s existence by now – if you’ve still not had chance to see him in action, make it your resolution to do so this year!

In the meantime, he’s put together a compilation of some of his best bits from 2011. Enjoy! (And share. DEFEND INDY WRESTLING, right?)

Fact: TOWIS is Defending Indy Wrestling

December 8, 2011

You already know that I’m a fan of the UK indy scene (check out my interviews with Lionheart, Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews if you haven’t done so already).

Dennis and Andrews are both part of the Defend Indy Wrestling merchandise brand (and they finally joined Twitter, so you can follow them too) – when I do my guide to wrestling merchandise suitable for Christmas stockings over the weekend, their shirts will be high up on the list.

If shows in civic halls and function rooms aren’t really your thing, check out clips on YouTube – and as luck would have it, here’s Dennis and Andrews in adversarial action (in a tiny ring. Although Eddie assures me: “It’s huge Carrie, It’s just I’m so massive I make it look small!”).

Fact: Cody Rhodes is the WWE breakout star of 2011

December 5, 2011

Sure, you expected me to hail CM Punk with that accolade. But the more I see of the heelified Cody Rhodes, the more I think this is brilliant characterisation and brilliant work from him.

The segment with Mick Foley and Booker T in the ring was painful to watch (a dreidl spinnaroonie? Really?), but as soon as Rhodes’s music hit and he declared war on “lowly announcers”, it all picked up.

The way he growled, “You LIE, announcer!” and encouraged more heat from the crowd was exemplary. Totally looking forward to seeing what he does next – even if it is feuding with Booker.

Fact: Wade Barrett’s Uprising is now unstoppable. (Fnar.)

November 22, 2011

The highlight of this week’s Raw for me was the realisation that yes, Wade Barrett is finally getting the push to main-eventer that he deserves.

Every Friday night for the past few months, Twitter has exploded when Barrett has walked out to the Smackdown ring.

He’s my favourite kind of heel – the smug, superior Englishman who has the skills and charisma to back up his boasts. The consensus among fans is that the Corre dragged on for too long – much as the script tried to argue that the quartet were equal, everyone knows it was a vehicle for Barrett, but it started to hold him back. Now as a singles wrestler, he is apparently getting a fair opportunity at his well-deserved time in the spotlight. Read the rest of this entry »

YouTube: Paul Nicholson thanks CM Punk (and calls him Phil, gasp!)

November 19, 2011

Here’s a clip from last night’s action at the Grand Slam of Darts, where Paul Nicholson once more gives a shout-out to CM Punk.

A CM Punk birthday special: darts player Paul Nicholson’s walk-on tribute

October 26, 2011

It’s the great man’s birthday today, and so in his honour I’ve watched Money in the Bank on a loop.

But obviously you’ve already seen that, so here’s something you might not have seen – darts player Paul Nicholson, who likes to think of himself as the Punk of his sport, decided to emulate his walk-on. It confused the hell out of probably 97 per cent of the people watching, but for those of us who understood, it was amazing.