Facts on Naomi, injuries, Divas and women in WWE

February 16, 2014

Did you see the pictures of Naomi’s broken eye socket?

If you did, it’s likely you didn’t see it on her Twitter account. She posted it, and then deleted it.

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Question: What the hell has Natalya done, and who has she annoyed?

January 27, 2012

Seriously. Spoiler alert and all that if you’re not in the UK, but tonight on Smackdown Natalya jobs in two seconds to Aksana.


On her Smackdown debut.

In her ridiculous lace gear and with her ridiculous pornographic sax ring music.

This followed a segment in which she apparently broke wind, much to the disgust of Teddy Long, his courtesan, and Santino Marella.

When was the last time Nattie won? What happened to the Divas of Destruction? Why is she being wasted in this way while lesser Diva talents (ALICIA FOX I’M LOOKING AT YOU) are being put over with reckless abandon? Who has she annoyed and how?

Please tell me, because I’m damned if I know.

Wishes for 2012: normal-looking breasts for female talent, please

December 30, 2011

I cannot even exaggerate how much I hope that the breasts of various female talent (Traci Brooks, Aksana, to name a few) magically reduce in size and start to look a little less terrifying.

In Aksana’s case, I think I actually find the breasts themselves more offensive than the single-entendre lines she keeps spouting. Although less offensive than Santino miming physical excitement through the medium of the Cobra. Ugh.

I appreciate that cosmetic surgery and presentation of this ilk is a feminist issue, so without going into the perceived political rights and wrongs of the procedures, I shall just conclude that Traci Brooks’s breasts don’t even look like breasts, which is surely not the intention.

So Divas and Knockouts – please, in 2012, just say no to the knife. Or if you really must get implants, please get ones that look like something that might conceivably be seen in nature.