Facts from Monday Night RAW, O2 Arena, April 13th 2015

April 13, 2015

Well, if I type quickly, I might get this published before the show airs…spoilers, if so…

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Question: who’s going to turn face at Money in the Bank?

July 12, 2013

I love my WWE heels, as you know, and a ladder match for a World Heavyweight Championship contract contested by Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Fandango, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro makes me a very happy woman.

Except – who am I supposed to want to win? Or perhaps more importantly, who’s supposed to be the good guy?

Barring anything interesting happening on Smackdown (I mean, seriously, this seems unlikely), something is going to have to happen during the match itself, surely.

So what will it be?

Fact: Seth Rollins does not look evil

December 12, 2012

As you know, Seth Rollins is one-third of the new WWE vigilante posse, The Shield.

Having spent the previous few months moshing his two-tone hair around NXT as a face champion, it seems odd to now see him attempting to be evil alongside Dean Ambrose and The Wrestler Formerly Known As Leakee. This is particularly the case as his promos, supposed to be seething with rage, are looking fairly unconvincing next to the barely suppressed insanity of his cohort Ambrose.

But seriously. Look at this pretty visage.

seth 2

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