Fact: TNA are launching an online slot-machine game

July 5, 2013

Velvet Sky

I’ll preface this with the admission that I know nothing about gambling or Vegas, but you have to hand it to TNA, they’re really keen on innovation.

Their latest is an “online slot-machine game” via the Sky Vegas website, which features Kurt Angle, Mickie James, Sting, Bobby Roode, plus Velvet Sky, whose promo picture for this (left) makes me weep for feminism.

TNA President Dixie Carter’s press quotes enthuse thus: “I recently returned from such a great visit to the UK where I announced the 2014 TNA Tour, and I’m thrilled to continue expanding TNA’s brand reach in the UK and Ireland with this, first ever online slot game.

“I hope age-appropriate fans will play and enjoy!”

If this is your cup of tea, do let us know in the comments a bit more about what the game is and what you make of it.

Recap: TNA British Boot Camp episode 3; or The One With Kurt Angle

January 9, 2013

It’s episode 3 of TNA British Boot Camp!



All this happened, on episode 1 and episode 2.

Tonight we begin with our merry quartet doing some promotional filming for the series (ie the one we’re watching now. It’s all very meta). The guys have been doing ‘hero footage’, and the girls have been moving their heads towards the camera simultaneously – it’s a twin thing, obviously.



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Fact: UK fans can meet top TNA stars on the Road To Lockdown Tour

August 28, 2012

Hurrah and huzzah, new fan interaction packages have just been announced for TNA’s Road to Lockdown tour!

The limited tickets go on sale on Friday, and will give you a pass to meet a guaranteed eight TNA superstars.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kaz, and Magnus are all on the tour line-up, alongside Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, James Storm, AJ Styles, Mr Anderson, Rob Van Dam and Gail Kim. Plus Miss Tessmacher if you like that kind of thing.

Fan Interaction tickets can be bought from http://www.gigsandtours.com / 0844 811 0051 or www.ticketmaster.co.uk / 0844 826 2826. Those purchasing Fan Interaction tickets must also have a regular event ticket, sold separately, in order to gain access.

TNA Road To Lockdown

Wednesday January 23 Glasgow Braehead Arena
Thursday January 24 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
Friday January 25 Manchester Arena
Saturday January 26 Wembley Arena

Wishes for 2012: that Kurt Angle gets to the Olympics, and then retires

December 28, 2011

Call me a sentimentalist, but I don’t want poor Kurt Angle to be running round a ring well into his fifties.

It’s undignified. And dangerous.

I can understand why he wants another gold medal shot – so give it your best, Kurt, and then step back.

For no other reason than that I cannot bear another storyline where it’s touted that you’ll lose your gold medal if you lose…

Here’s Kurt winning the gold in 1996.

From the archive: Kurt Angle talks about his Olympic dream

October 15, 2011

Though The Only Way Is Suplex is a brand-new project, I’ve been lucky enough to interview various figures in the pro wrestling world in recent months. Here’s an interview I did back in June on the day that Kurt Angle confirmed he would be trying out for the USA 2012 Olympic wrestling squad.

“I already have my gold medal. Nobody can take that away from me,” says Kurt Angle. “But I want to do what I do best.” He’s just confirmed that the internet forum rumours are true – he’s making a comeback to Olympic wrestling, 15 years after he won his gold medal, and 12 years after moving into the sports entertainment world, with WWE and now Impact.

The USA team tryouts are next April, and when the Games start in the summer, Angle will be 43, making him the oldest-ever member of the wrestling squad – that is, of course, if he is selected. He’s optimistic about his chances, pointing out that the upper weight classes rely on durability and strength rather than quick reflexes, and is training with his nephew, working mostly on flexibility, plyometrics, strength and conditioning, before moving on to mat work over the summer.

“TNA gave me their blessing [to try out],” he confirms. “I don’t have to do much [in terms of Impact Wrestling commitments] – maybe two to four TVs a month and a pay-per-view. I’ll be home a good 23 to 25 days a month. I have a private facility where I’ll be training with my nephew. It’ll be very closed-doors, so nobody has film of me. I’ll be coming out of the closet at the US open, and everybody will be like, “What the hell’s he doing here? What’s this old man doing here?” But they won’t know how I trained or the techniques I used to get ready for these guys. At my age, that’s an advantage. I’ve seen them, I’ve studied them, but they won’t be able to study me.”

In his preparation for the 1996 Games, he overtrained, resulting in multiple mistakes on the mat. “I feel like I’d be a much better wrestler now – I may not score a bunch of points, I’ll have low-scoring matches, but I know I’m just as effective. I’ll be more selective about what I do.”

Even as a pro wrestler, Angle is a veteran, now helping the younger guys through the ranks and spotting new talent. “I like Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams, Desmond Wolfe [now with ROH] — they’re all from England and they all have the ability to be main-eventers if given a chance,” he says. “It’d be great to have some British wrestlers as our champions. They’re all great actors too, especially Magnus.”

But even though he remains an integral part of Impact’s plans and storylines, it can’t be disputed that Angle’s career in pro wrestling has been defined by that gold medal win in 1996. Even now, he’s billed as the only Olympic gold medallist in the industry; over the summer he was involved in a storyline where his gold medal is on the line should he lose. I almost hesitate to ask it, but does he ever feel angry that something he did so long ago has come to define his career?

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Exclusive: Magnus – ‘I hope I can prove Kurt Angle right’

October 14, 2011

It’s a sunny day in central London, and Magnus, aka Nick Aldis, has returned to his home country. Part of the British Invasion, he’s better known to the casual UK television viewer as Oblivion, the loud-mouthed villain from Sky One’s Gladiators, and as such he’s very used to having a high media profile.

“I have freedom now,” he says. “I’m not encouraged to be controversial – but I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck! It’s a relaxed environment here.”

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