Interview: Magnus on becoming TNA Impact Wrestling’s first-ever British World Heavyweight Champion

December 31, 2013

Magnus with Title 3It’s a cold, damp Monday morning in London. More than that, it’s the morning after the night before for TNA Impact Wrestling’s British contingent – they were guests of honour at the now-customary Fan Party at the Garage in Islington, thrown to commemorate Magnus becoming the company’s first ever British World Heavyweight Champion.

“It was [a good party]. It meant a lot to me,” says the new champ.

He feels that getting his shot at the championship was just as much about the British audience’s loyal support for TNA as it was about his own abilities.

“That’s a testament to our generation of wrestlers and fans – we were the fans that made them aware of the fact that we’re a strong market, so when we all became wrestlers they went, ‘These are the guys who have grown up their whole lives watching us. They’re as big a part of this as anyone.’ They understood that my aptitude for wrestling was for the worldwide business, the world’s getting smaller, they just said, ‘You’re the right guy.’ The Brits get to go, ‘He’s OUR guy.’ That’s an important thing, and a great feeling.
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Question: what was Jack Swagger thinking?

February 25, 2013

jack-swagger-mugshotIt’s a time-honoured tradition in the mainstream US promotions to get arrested for some kind of driving-related incident. It’s almost an initiation, if you will. Your mugshot will join that of scores of others significantly more famous than you; it’ll be forgotten fairly soon. Who remembers that Kaitlyn got arrested before Christmas for not paying a speeding ticket, or that Cameron was arrested last summer for driving under the influence (and then according to Wikipedia claimed to be a “sales associate”)?

The thing is, to be arrested for driving under the influence, speeding, and possession of marijuana seems to be entirely over the top.

Not just that, for that to happen a week after you’ve made your return to WWE after six months out is even more excessive.

And then for that to happen a week after you’ve returned and been slotted into a main event programme for Wrestlemania is just plain irresponsibly stupid.

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Fact: Eddie Dennis is off on a US tour

July 26, 2012

Bon voyage to the Pride of Wales (and friend of TOWIS) Eddie Dennis. He’s off to the US for three weeks and will be wrestling on various bills while he’s out there:

28th July – CSW, against Craven and Mr.450 Hammett
29th July – Galli Lucha against good friend of DEFEND Matt Knicks
4th August – Dreamweave (match unannounced)
11th August – Justice League of Wrestling (match unannounced)

If you’re that side of the pond, check the shows out!

Fact: today’s jobbers may be the future’s main-eventers

July 9, 2012

Bored with Ryback squishing local jobbers with ridiculous names and a fondness for rhyming?

Well, take notice of them. Here are two videos from the turn of the millennium (ht to @michaelbyron97 for finding these for me).

From 2002 –


And from 2003 –


So note down the names of those humiliated local jobbers – because in ten years’ time, they could well be your world champions.

Review: IPW:UK Revolution, The Troxy, Saturday 28 April 2012

April 30, 2012

When it’s bucketing with rain, East London isn’t the most salubrious place to go. As you head up from Limehouse station towards the Troxy, you’ll be struck by the amount of scary-looking semi-derelict pubs and the plethora of fried chicken offerings.

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Interview: Dean Allmark talks TNA, fans, Jake the Snake and a LOT of favourite opponents…

March 5, 2012

First of all, I thought your match at PCW last week was great, so thank you for that. I take it you enjoy working there?

Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it. I’d never wrestled Sabre Jr, Hayes or Dar before that match either! It’s always good to wrestle new people – keeps you fresh. That was my second show for PCW and both were very enjoyable – the fans are great there.

And you’ll have a re-match with Noam Dar at Spring Slam – how do you rate him, and are you looking forward to that show?

I’m really looking forward to wrestling Noam in a singles bout for the first time. He’s someone I’ve wanted to wrestle for a while now and I think he feels the same about me. I think he’s really talented, especially for his age. I’ve seen quite a few of his matches now and he has impressed me every time; I feel our styles match up well so I’m really stoked about the next show!

You’ve worked with pretty much all the major UK promotions – where do you think has the best fans?

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Breaking news: Wade Barrett is out for ages. Ladysmarks of the world weep

March 3, 2012

Ugh. Wrestlezone are reporting that Wade Barrett’s injury incurred after Elimination Chamber is more serious than initially thought, meaning he’ll be out for several months.

It also means there’ll be no Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania, because Barrett was booked to win that.

And it also means that poor Barrett is taking a break from Twitter.

This saddens me hugely. Although it would have been great to have Barrett involved in storylines while unable to compete, they won’t let him sit on commentary for four months or think up another angle for him to be involved in.

So that means we will be without Barrett, his coat and his fabulous heelery for the next quarter of a year. (For this, I blame Big Show.)

Get well soon, Wade.