Facts from WWE Monday Night RAW, Manchester Arena, Monday 11th November 2013

November 12, 2013

BY1jK_yIAAEBxhfYou may well have seen the show by now, but just in case – spoilers within! Here are my notes from being live at ringside at Monday Night RAW… Read the rest of this entry »

Facts from Monday Night RAW, Live from London, April 22nd 2013

April 22, 2013

20130422_182447[1]It was an impulse purchase after the announcement of that six-man tag match, OK? I don’t normally hold with paying six quid in booking fees, but I felt the investment would be worthwhile. And it was, kind of. (Spoilers if you’re reading this before the show airs, or if you particularly care about what happens on Superstars.) (Though why you should when WWE don’t, I’m not quite sure.)
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Question: are the Bella Twins what the WWE Divas’ Division needs?

March 16, 2013

When I said the Divas’ Division needed some additions, this was NOT exactly what I meant.


Yes, the Bella Twins are back, and they are being petted by Damien Sandow (though not by Cody Rhodes). Read the rest of this entry »

Review: WWE RAW, Manchester Arena, November 3rd 2012

November 5, 2012

Isn’t it adorable to see kids at WWE shows? They cheer, they shout, they scream, they mimic the taunts and moves of their heroes, they completely believe everything they’re seeing is real.

And they get really annoyed when they have grown-ups sitting behind them shouting, “CENA SUCKS!”

Yes, I spent Saturday night on the shelf of the Manchester Arena cheering for all the heels (as well as screaming an ill-advised “I LOVE YOU, CLAUDIO!” when the US champion made his way to the ring) and thoroughly distressing the trio of children in front of me who for some reason did not want Dolphin Ziggler to win the Special Attraction match against the one-armed John Cena. Read the rest of this entry »

Some facts on how to make three hours of WWE RAW worth watching

May 17, 2012

So as from this summer, Monday Night RAW will run for three hours rather than its usual two and a bit. (I’m sure anyone who saw this week’s instalment will be DELIGHTED at this news.)

For WWE’s delectation, I’ve made a list of ways to ensure that a three-hour RAW is worth watching.

1. Give one hour of every show over to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan facing each other in an iron-man match. Read the rest of this entry »

Question: what is the point of Perez Hilton, and why is he on WWE Monday Night RAW?

January 17, 2012

OK, so I understood (and in fact positively welcomed) the presence of Hugh Jackman and the Muppets, who had movies to shill when they were guests on Monday Night RAW.

But why Perez Hilton? (Certainly it is a question of our times.)

He wasn’t a guest throughout the show. He just announced the Divas match – the lowest-prestige match he could have been asked to announce, of course – and that was it.

Actually, no, that wasn’t it. He was booed roundly and vociferously by the crowd, and even his attempt at self-deprecation didn’t win them round.

It all ties into the Divas being guest bloggers on Hilton’s latest media enterprise, all about health and fitness. Seriously. Why is this happening?

Is Vince hoping for a rise in viewing figures stemming from Hilton’s readership? If so, I’d suggest he cuts out the sexism and the homophobia (which we saw yet again last night as Punk took the traditional Jerry Lawler role of mocking Vickie Guerrero and her appearance) as I don’t imagine that’ll be too popular.

And while we’re at it, not entirely sure how Hilton’s bitchiness fits in with the Show Tolerance and Respect thing. But then again I’m not entirely sure how WWE’s product itself does, so perhaps that’s not as odd.

Question: How much of The RAW Slammys did you watch?

December 13, 2011

So here’s a question for you. Think, and choose your answer wisely.

After last night’s RAW Slammys, featuring Ted DiBiase Sr, good ol’ JR Jim Ross, Lita, Rey-Rey Mysterio (who’s forgotten about his feud with Punk because Punk is now facey-facey-face-face like him), Mick Foley, and a Johnny Ace video montage, I would be fascinated to know how much of it you managed to sit through.

Vote now!

Question: is the WWE product ‘stale’?

December 3, 2011

After the shenanigans in the comments about Smackdown’s title picture, I thought I’d take a closer look at the various WWE products at the moment and assess their varying degrees of entertainment or staleness. Of course, if you don’t agree, feel free to battle it out in the comments again… Read the rest of this entry »

Fact: Miss Piggy should be the Raw General Manager

November 1, 2011

As we know, the WWE chain of command is scarily convoluted. By which I mean “makes no sense whatsoever”. RAW is all over the place, and Johnny Ace has forgotten how to deliver a line without flubbing, if indeed he ever knew.

So to save WWE’s flagship show, it is time to appoint someone with gravitas, someone who commands respect and affection, and who isn’t afraid to karate-chop Hornswoggle in the balls. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to appoint Miss Piggy.

With the aid of Microsoft Paint, I have put together this handy little diagram which illustrates the current flow of responsibility on RAW and Smackdown as far as I can work it out: Read the rest of this entry »