Facts from TNA Impact Wrestling, Phones4U Arena, January 30 2014

January 31, 2015

As always with TNA tour blogs, the spoilers are strong with this one… Read the rest of this entry »

TNA British Boot Camp 2, episode 8: or the one with the winner

December 30, 2014

We’re down to the final three, then. (If you don’t know how we’ve got to this point – one two three four five six seven.)

This week our trio of contestants face off against TNA talent in an effort to make a final impression. Obviously there’s a lot of recapping and exposition, including some great footage of UK shows – get yourself along to your nearest promotion, what you’ve seen on Boot Camp is just the tip of the iceberg! (Also, buy my book!) Read the rest of this entry »

TNA British Boot Camp 2, episode 7: or the one with Bagpuss

December 30, 2014

Previously on British Boot Camp! This, this, this, this, this and most recently this!

Tonight there is some wrestling, beginning with a tag match between the contestants, which will then cut the field down to three. Da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Read the rest of this entry »

TNA British Boot Camp 2: Episode 3, or the one with the Mick McManus name-drop

November 15, 2014

First this happened! Then this happened!

Now Samoa Joe, Gail Kim and Al Snow are standing near Tower Bridge, all the better to let us know they’re ready to pick out some London talent.

A short walk to East London later, and they’re in York Hall. Read the rest of this entry »

TNA British Boot Camp 2: Episode 1, or the one with the Hebrew promo

October 25, 2014

Welcome back, viewers! It’s time for the second series of TNA British Boot Camp. Dismiss all those question-marks about TNA’s long-term future; push WrestleTalk and the British Wrestling Round-Up out of your minds; it’s time for some of the best Brit talent to get a TV showcase.

Just like Rockstar Spud did last time round. He’s our Dermot O’Leary for a new Boot Camp format.

spud 1

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Interview: Magnus on Sting, Samoa Joe and TNA Impact Wrestling’s future

January 2, 2014

Magnus Title CelebrationNow that Magnus is TNA Impact Wrestling’s first-ever British World Heavyweight Champion, the question is – as always – what happens next.

“We have endless possibilities of what to do with it,” he says. “It’s like the whole situation of putting me with Dixie, Spud and EC3’s involvement, there’s a lot more questions than answers, which is a great situation to be in, because then it means people are actively wanting to see where we go next with it, and that’s always what you’re trying to achieve with wrestling.

“I was a little bit worried that the whole thing [leading up to the title win] was a bit foreshadowed, I’ll be honest, and it was, there’s no getting around that. But we just worked through it, and we just stuck with it, so people were going, ‘I think this is going to happen, I think he’s going to do this,’ and even when it happened it was done in a way that nobody would have predicted exactly how. Just because they could see it coming, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing. Read the rest of this entry »

Question: Where will TNA go from here?

November 1, 2013

TNA UK PPV PosterYou’ve probably seen the rumours circulating about TNA Impact Wrestling’s direction in the future.

I don’t have access to their accounts; but I do know that while US audiences have been critical of the product recently, they still have a hugely loyal UK fan base, evidenced by their expansion of their 2014 tour over here.

I also know that the British Boot Camp at the start of this year created huge interest in TNA and the four contenders.

And I know that Ring-Ka-King was critically acclaimed and popular with fans worldwide, who managed to watch it despite it not being aired in their country.

So – is it time for TNA to try working as a UK-based promotion? Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Matt Morgan on Samoa Joe, Magnus, WWE and Victory Road

March 14, 2012

It’s common knowledge that the current pairings at the top of the TNA tag team division weren’t formed by friendship.

Samoa Joe and Magnus reckon they were thrown together to keep the most difficult talent away from everyone else; and Matt Morgan thinks he and Crimson were paired together for another reason.

“We were put together for a reason – to get and hold those tag titles,” he says. “We have a lot of differences. That is our Achilles heel, perhaps – not miscommunication, but we try to outshine one another.” Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Samoa Joe on TNA Impact UK tour, Magnus, and Against All Odds

February 9, 2012

“Myself and Magnus are going on all cylinders. We’re a formidable duo and I fully expect to dominate, wreck, destroy the opposition,” says Samoa Joe. He and his tag partner are facing champions Matt Morgan and Crimson at this Sunday’s TNA Impact Against All Odds pay-per-view, and they are confident about their chances of victory.

Their tactics, however, are slightly less clear. “You can’t hit them in the head, because they’re so stupid it doesn’t really matter. They’re tall dudes, I gotta go low on them.  Keep inflicting punishment on them till they pass out. That’s our plan.” Read the rest of this entry »