Exclusive! More from Kharma – those vignettes, that Royal Rumble, and what she really thinks of the Divas

October 10, 2014

kharma_3_fullCheck out Part One of our exclusive chat with Kharma/Amazing Kong – she talks reality TV, signing for WWE, and thoughts of retirement.

One of the quotes I really like from you was a very gracious and interesting one – you don’t think the Divas get enough credit. Did you mean from WWE or the fans or both?
I dare say both, actually. And I actually used to be one of those people. Before I got to WWE, I was very dismissive of their Diva division. Once I got there, especially the night I debuted, Michelle McCool and Layla had a match, and they left it all out there, and I respected that. The attitudes and the work ethic that I witnessed there from all the girls was extremely admirable and one that rivalled the work ethic I experienced with the Knockouts.

It’s just a shame that the Divas have to overcome such a pigeonholed reputation from the past – they’re fighting against that right now, and it’s a shame. Read the rest of this entry »

Facts on Naomi, injuries, Divas and women in WWE

February 16, 2014

Did you see the pictures of Naomi’s broken eye socket?

If you did, it’s likely you didn’t see it on her Twitter account. She posted it, and then deleted it.

Why? Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Jenny Sjodin talks MMA, feminism and false eyelashes

March 27, 2012

You come into pro-wrestling from a martial arts background – what made you want to move into sports entertainment?

I actually started off in amateur wrestling because we didn’t have any pro wrestling schools in Sweden at the time but my desired goal has always been to be a professional wrestler. The martial arts is something I picked up in Dublin after a few months into my pro wrestling training. I love the level of physical work required, the pressure to always keep improving technically to stay on top and the close communication to the fans the sport offers.

Do you find any of your opponents loath to face you because of your MMA skills, and perhaps working a bit stiffer than they’re used to?

There are rumours that certain female wrestlers have begged promoters to not be booked against me, I don’t know if it’s true. Funnily, the wrestlers who have thought properly how to protect themselves and not whine as soon as their fake eyelashes fall off never seem to complain, though. They usually show lots of respect for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Allison Danger talks SHIMMER, motherhood and feminism

February 28, 2012

Hi Allison, and thanks for joining us here at TOWIS. First of all, I want to ask a bit about the Womanist Revolution – a concept I love and try to champion in my viewing. Incredibly brave of you to even dare to mention the word “feminist”, but I’m so glad that you did and you do. Have you always identified as feminist?

Not consciously, not until I was in my early twenties. It really kicked in when I was dating a musician; he had a life that I really admired and wanted for myself in a way. He was independent, traveled a lot and really lived his dream. I remember asking myself, “Why do I hold myself back? What steps do I need to take to really follow what my heart wants?”. I realized I held myself back a lot because I never really saw females in my environment grab life by the balls and take it for themselves. It was always about family, putting themselves on the back burner and dreaming. That is why I chose not to start a family until later in life. I think deep down the feminist roots were there, I just had to dig to find them.

You’ve mentioned problems like being asked to wrestle an untrained opponent – and you’ve said it happens “all the time”.  Do you think things are changing at all? And do you think your male colleagues also have a responsibility to help change these attitudes and situations, or is it down to female talent to improve their own working conditions?

Yes and no to things changing. Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Sara Del Rey talks WWE, Castagnoli, Danielson – and being the Queen of Wrestling

February 5, 2012

Sara Del Rey has an ambition this year; she wants to be signed by WWE.

I was a little surprised when I heard. After all, we’re all very aware of the attention that WWE pays to women’s wrestling (ie a cursory glance every couple of weeks or so): why would a technically brilliant wrestler, revered the world over, want to move there?

And then you think about it. No matter how depressing the women’s division may be, the WWE is still the biggest professional wrestling stage. Of course Del Rey wants to work there.

“I’m just trying to do press and let it be known I’m interested,” she says. Read the rest of this entry »