Question: Where will TNA go from here?

November 1, 2013

TNA UK PPV PosterYou’ve probably seen the rumours circulating about TNA Impact Wrestling’s direction in the future.

I don’t have access to their accounts; but I do know that while US audiences have been critical of the product recently, they still have a hugely loyal UK fan base, evidenced by their expansion of their 2014 tour over here.

I also know that the British Boot Camp at the start of this year created huge interest in TNA and the four contenders.

And I know that Ring-Ka-King was critically acclaimed and popular with fans worldwide, who managed to watch it despite it not being aired in their country.

So – is it time for TNA to try working as a UK-based promotion? Read the rest of this entry »

On Summer Rae, Christy Hemme and the Blossom Twins

June 10, 2013

I was going to start this blog with an apology for returning to a subject I’ve highlighted many times before.

But then I decided not to. I make no apology for highlighting appalling behaviour where it occurs, and it’s occurring far too much in professional wrestling at the moment.

I could perhaps overlook the slightly sinister leering of WWE’s announce team, who have a particular Summer Rae fixation at the moment. She’s a gorgeous girl, and goodness knows, I’m not in any position to tell people that they shouldn’t comment on the attractiveness of wrestlers. However, when that’s all you have to say about someone, and you’re saying it twice a week on international TV, and you’re old enough to be her father, and you’re veering into the territory of telling her to take her clothes off, then it gets rather uncomfortable. Read the rest of this entry »

Recap: TNA British Boot Camp episode 6; or The One Where Rockstar Spud Wins

January 24, 2013

So before the ad break, we found out that the Blossoms get to face Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, while Marty and Spud have to face each other. Dixie and Hulk will be watching attentively and deciding who actually gets the fabled TNA roster spot.

In case we weren’t excited enough already, we get Hulk going Hulkamanic in our faces.

hulkamanic Read the rest of this entry »

Recap: TNA British Boot Camp episode 5; or the one with decisions

January 23, 2013

Previously on TNA British Boot Camp! All this happened, and now we’re on a mega-double-episode-feast to find out who’s going to win the contract.

Last time we saw our quartet, they had just arrived at OVW, where Doug Williams had his characteristic ‘faintly amused’ expression, and Al Snow taught everyone how to run the ropes properly while being entirely puzzled by the very concept of twins.

Spud talks about Al’s knowledge being a “godsend” (though presumably not about human genetics) because there are not many veterans in Britain; or at least not ones who want to train the next generation, mostly because of their aversion to “American-style wrestling”.

Marty talks about Doug being an ambassador for wrestling and SERIOUSLY SCURLL WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING?

marty wtf


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Congratulations to Rockstar Spud, winner of TNA British Boot Camp

January 22, 2013

spud1So this evening’s double-episode denouement of TNA British Boot Camp revealed that Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan chose Rockstar Spud the winner of the sought-after contract.

Well done to him – and well done to Marty Scurll and the Blossom Twins, who join him on the TNA tour and will have a chance at a later date at securing themselves a spot on the roster.

A full recap of both episodes will follow later in the week.

Question: who do you want to win TNA British Boot Camp?

January 22, 2013

BBC_poster_support_CLZIt’s the final night of the TNA British Boot Camp! Our four contestants are still all there – The Blossom Twins, Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud – so who do you want to get the single promised TNA contract? Have your say…

Recap: TNA British Boot Camp episode 4; or The One With Tongues

January 16, 2013

Previously on TNA British Boot Camp – this, this and this!

This week they’re off to Nashville to see Dixie Carter at TNA HQ. Spud’s eyes are like saucers. “Dixie, this place is enormous!”


Oh, honey, everywhere is enormous compared to you, except maybe a model village. Read the rest of this entry »

Recap: TNA British Boot Camp episode 3; or The One With Kurt Angle

January 9, 2013

It’s episode 3 of TNA British Boot Camp!



All this happened, on episode 1 and episode 2.

Tonight we begin with our merry quartet doing some promotional filming for the series (ie the one we’re watching now. It’s all very meta). The guys have been doing ‘hero footage’, and the girls have been moving their heads towards the camera simultaneously – it’s a twin thing, obviously.



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Recap: TNA British Boot Camp, episode 2; or The One With Journalists And Sexism

January 4, 2013

Tx: January 1, 2013; 10.30pm, Challenge TV



All this happened.

“I don’t know what the big deal is,” says Spud, who, lest we forget, has been vomiting in a car park and kept Rollerball Rocco waiting – two big social no-nos.


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Recap: TNA British Boot Camp, episode 1; or The One Where Spud Expels Bodily Fluids

January 3, 2013

Tx: January 1, 2013; 10pm; Challenge TV

I decided that as there’s so much interest in TNA’s British Boot Camp, I’d do an episode-by-episode recap for those who missed the show, or those who watched the show and fancy a bit of smarky comment or just plain old snark.

So we open by looking at the back catalogue of British wrestling, from Big Daddy to Doug Williams, while Hulk Hogan talks to Dixie Carter about how great British wrestlers are. I should point out at this stage that Dixie has her phone in her hand at all times during these segments. I like to think she’s tweeting.

“Hulk is talking at me. No idea what he’s saying, am distracted by that weird beard thing he has going on.”


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