Wishes for 2012: normal-looking breasts for female talent, please

December 30, 2011

I cannot even exaggerate how much I hope that the breasts of various female talent (Traci Brooks, Aksana, to name a few) magically reduce in size and start to look a little less terrifying.

In Aksana’s case, I think I actually find the breasts themselves more offensive than the single-entendre lines she keeps spouting. Although less offensive than Santino miming physical excitement through the medium of the Cobra. Ugh.

I appreciate that cosmetic surgery and presentation of this ilk is a feminist issue, so without going into the perceived political rights and wrongs of the procedures, I shall just conclude that Traci Brooks’s breasts don’t even look like breasts, which is surely not the intention.

So Divas and Knockouts – please, in 2012, just say no to the knife. Or if you really must get implants, please get ones that look like something that might conceivably be seen in nature.