Fact: The “Divas’ Revolution” needs to be bigger than WWE thinks

July 24, 2015

four horsewomen

“That’s a good-looking belt…that’s a women’s WRESTLING belt!” declared Alundra Blayze on the occasion of her Hall of Fame induction, holding her once-discarded women’s championship aloft.

Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, three-quarters of NXT’s four horsewomen, have now joined Paige on the main WWE roster, leading some to announce that a “Divas’ Revolution” is now under way.

Enough has been written about the way NXT treats women’s wrestling – the women are characters in their own right, with motivations beyond “jealousy” and “boyfriends”, and the belt itself is for women, rather than “Divas”. (Can you imagine the men having a “Superstars’ Championship”?)

But a true revolution will never be successful until there’s a change from top to bottom. Read the rest of this entry »

Exclusive! More from Kharma – those vignettes, that Royal Rumble, and what she really thinks of the Divas

October 10, 2014

kharma_3_fullCheck out Part One of our exclusive chat with Kharma/Amazing Kong – she talks reality TV, signing for WWE, and thoughts of retirement.

One of the quotes I really like from you was a very gracious and interesting one – you don’t think the Divas get enough credit. Did you mean from WWE or the fans or both?
I dare say both, actually. And I actually used to be one of those people. Before I got to WWE, I was very dismissive of their Diva division. Once I got there, especially the night I debuted, Michelle McCool and Layla had a match, and they left it all out there, and I respected that. The attitudes and the work ethic that I witnessed there from all the girls was extremely admirable and one that rivalled the work ethic I experienced with the Knockouts.

It’s just a shame that the Divas have to overcome such a pigeonholed reputation from the past – they’re fighting against that right now, and it’s a shame. Read the rest of this entry »

Fact: WWE Divas are not necessarily good at wrestling

March 1, 2014

When you watched Elimination Chamber, I feel fairly sure that the lack of quality in the Divas match would have stood out to you.

Perhaps it was no worse than any other Divas match of recent times, but that is truly damning it with faint praise.

Although champion AJ Lee continues to do her best, she is working with a series of women who, to say the least, are not good in the ring or with character. Tamina’s kick that accidentally hit her ally was bizarrely done; she failed to react quickly enough meaning that many of the viewing public figured she was just turning on AJ rather than having made a mistake.

As for Cameron, she has always been terrible, from her initial assertion that Melina v Alicia Fox is her favourite match of all time through to this particular debacle.

Some kinder commentators than I have suggested that Cameron would have improved if she had had more time in the ring than these three-minute matches that Divas are limited to.

Perhaps, but I doubt it. Read the rest of this entry »